Commentator Jae-Won Oh, who recently became controversial for shooting ‘Korean Express’ Chan-Ho Park head-on, was criticized by mixed martial artist A-Sol Kwon.

On the 11th,메이저사이트 Kwon Ah-sol posted on his SNS, “I feel sorry for you too. Jaewon Oh. More than ten years ago, Hong Young-ki asked me to take a picture of him as a fan, but seeing your patronizing behavior with such a shit-chewed expression, I thought I shouldn’t do the same thing as you.”

He then criticized Oh Jae-won’s behavior in the past, saying, “It’s not because of you that the fans exist, but because of the fans you exist.”

This is not unrelated to Oh Jae-won’s sniping of Park Chan-ho, which became a big controversy. It was because Oh Jae-won said that he did not know the fans’ gratitude as the reason he disliked Park Chan-ho.

Previously, in an interview with DEN published on the 10th, Oh Jae-won shot Chan-ho Park head-on, saying, “I hate the Korean Express so much.”

Next, Oh Jae-won said of Park Chan-ho, “It seems that the whole nation does not know the gratitude of waking up at dawn and cheering for him.”

He went on to add, “There are not one or two players who have made a fool out of commenting with me once in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for that.”

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