Simmons expressed regret to himself.

The Brooklyn Nets lost 98-109 in a match against the Boston Celtics in the 2022-2023 regular season held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time).

It is Brooklyn, where ace Kevin Durant missed a lot due to a knee injury. The overall score of the team stayed at 98 points, properly reducing Durant’s vacancy. As a result of this day, the gap between Brooklyn, the second in the East, and Boston, the leader, widened to 3.0 games.

It was especially painful that Ben Simmons, who was expected to play an increasing role in the attack due to Durant’s departure, ended up scoreless. Simmons’ scoreless game is the second this season after the match against Orlando on November 29 last year. 스포츠토토

Of course, in other ways other than scoring, Simmons on this day showed a very good appearance.

Simmons, who gave 10 assists in the first half alone, helped the team with 9 rebounds, 13 assists and 2 steals. Even in the long-term defense, he showed his presence as the main marksman for opposing ace Jayson Tatum. Tatum, who was blocked by Simmons and others, did not have as much influence as usual, with a field goal rate of only 31.8% that day.

However, considering that Simmons is a player who receives the maximum salary, it is impossible to erase his regret for his offensive contribution. Since Simmons doesn’t show any intention to attack, it’s much easier to defend against his opponents. Head coach Jacques Bonn was satisfied with Simmons’ performance after the match, but it was a game in which room for improvement was evident.

Simmons, who averaged close to 16 points in the first three seasons of his debut, gradually decreased his offensive power as his shooting weakness was highlighted. In particular, in the second round of the 2021 playoffs, where Philadelphia was upset, he suffered the humiliation of being the target of a deliberate foul operation and averaged 9.9 points. 

Simmons’ scoring metric got worse after moving to Brooklyn. His field goal attempts have been cut in half compared to his early days, and his scoring has naturally declined. He hasn’t attempted a single 3-pointer this season, and his free throw percentage has dropped to 41.3 percent. Even the rim attack, which was his main scoring route during his time in Philadelphia, or the goal he scored by teaming up with his teammates are not coming out easily. 

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