Jeju, who challenged the ‘Hyundai-ga’, filled the last puzzle by recruiting ‘proven center back’ Lim Chae-min (33).

An official from the transfer market told ‘Sports Chosun’ on the 7th, “Jeju has confirmed the recruitment of Lim Chae-min.”

This is the fruit of a long wait. Jeju has been trying to recruit Lim Chae-min since last year when he left Gangwon and joined Shenzhen, China. At the time, Lim Chae-min chose to go to China and the recruitment was not successful카지노사이트, but it is said that he steadily ‘followed’ Lim Chae-min’s situation.

At the end of last year, Shenzhen faced a crisis of dissolution due to the Litie case and financial difficulties, and in this trend, I got an opportunity to recruit Lim Chae-min’s wages while losing more than three months’ worth. The International Football Federation (FIFA) stipulates that players who have not received wages for more than three months must obtain free agent (FA) status after the contract is terminated.

As soon as Lim Chae-min’s status changed to a free agent, Jeju quickly concluded the negotiations.

With this, Jeju strengthened the back gate and at the same time erased the long-standing weakness of ‘the height of the defense’. Lim Chae-min is 1m88 tall and is evaluated as a center back with height and strength. Jeju, which recruited Yeon Je-woon from Seongnam earlier, has competitiveness in the center back position, including Lim Chae-min, Yeon Je-woon, Kim O-kyu, Jeong-woon, and Lee Ji-sol.

You can also expect ‘chemistry’ with Jeju director Ki-il Nam. Director Nam and Lim Chae-min have a relationship in 2018 when they collaborated on Seongnam’s promotion to the first division. We worked together until 2019.

Lim Chae-min is a resource that will add stability to Jeju. He made his professional debut in Seongnam in 2013 and played as a main defender before moving to Gangwon in 2020. He played 221 games (11 goals and 2 assists) in his K-League career. In Gangwon, he served as captain for two consecutive seasons. In September 2014, he made his national team debut against Venezuela.

Lim Chae-min will soon join the Jeju team and accelerate preparations for the new season. Coach Nam expressed his aspirations at the media day of the winter training camp held in Seogwipo on the 7th, “We will continue to knock on the door. Our goal is to finish second in the K-League.” Jeju finished 5th in the 2022 K-League 1.

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