‘Bad boy’ Kwon Ah-sol (37) expressed strong dissatisfaction by calling the broadcast he was appearing on as ‘garbage’.

Kwon Ah-sol said at the press conference for ‘Hwang In-soo VS Myung Hyun-man VS Kwon Ah-sol’ held at Namsan Seoul Tower Gallery K on the afternoon of the 30th, she said, “She ended up sparring with Myung Hyun-man through the broadcast.” He revealed, “Honestly, SBS broadcasting is a bit trashy,” and “I was sent out (edited) to have me play a villain.”

He pinched, “I cut the (good) things I said and edited them in favor of the program.” Kwon Ah-sol raised his voice, saying, “I think the broadcasting world is trash.” 토토사이트

Kwon Ah-sol belonged to the same team as Myung Hyun-man (38) in the past. For personal reasons, Myung Hyeon-man left the stage of mixed martial arts (MMA) and moved on to stand-up martial arts.

Afterwards, Kwon Ah-sol only criticized Myeong-hyeon. In particular, only Myeong-hyeon spared no bitter criticism about sparring with ordinary people on his personal YouTube. Myeonghyeonman also faced criticism towards Kwon Ah-sol.

Emotions deepened. In the end, the two decided to fight at the Road FC official gym in Wonju, Gangwon Province on the 31st. Recently, Kwon Ah-sol and Myung Hyun-man appeared on SBS’ ‘Hell Court in Wonderland’ and shared related information.

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