Can the San Diego Padres beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the district championship as well as the World Series?

The opening of the 2023 Major 바카라League Baseball is approaching. From the 31st (Korean time), 30 teams will embark on a long journey.

The US’’ said, “There are 30 teams, but they do not start the season with the same expectations. Some teams are aiming for the top, but some are preparing for the next stage.” I saw it,” he said.

San Diego was considered a candidate to advance to the World Series along with the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. ‘’ said, “There are very few teams aiming to win the World Series. These teams are likely to be disappointed if they achieve anything other than winning.”

Ahead of this season, San Diego has spent a lot of money. He signed a five-year, $46 million contract with bullpen pitcher Robert Suarez. Shortstop Zander Bogarts was then acquired for 280 million dollars (approximately 365 billion won) in 11 years. They also brought pitchers Seth Lugo and Michael Waka and hitters Matt Carpenter and Nelson Cruz.

Some players have signed extended contracts. He signed an extension with Darvish Yu for 6 years and 108 million dollars (approximately 140.7 billion won), and with Manny Machado for 11 years and 350 million dollars (approximately 456 billion won).

‘’ said, “San Diego spent a lot of money for many players. It peaked with Machado’s extension contract.” However, unlike the Mets, San Diego won the 2022 Wild Card Series. The Mets faced Atlanta and Philadelphia. “I have to, but San Diego meets the Dodgers, who look weak.”

San Diego strengthened its infield by acquiring Bogarts. Kim Ha-seong, who was one of the three finalists for the National League Gold Glove shortstop last season, will go to second base. Machado and Jake Cronenworth are also infield resources capable of shortstop defense.

‘’ said, “San Diego is expected to rank 4th in most points and 5th in least runs. In the San Diego infield, there are four starting resources who can play shortstop. That could be the best combination in baseball.” has not won the National League West since 2006, but is expected to win this season.”

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