RN and one Nursing Assistant or LPN.

RN and one Nursing Assistant or LPN.

You are an LPN on a surgical floor that has mostly abdominal cases. The floor functions with the dyad model, which is designed to have an RN and one nursing assistant or LPN. You have completed your orientation and are working with a great RN who is interested in teaching you as well as working with you to give patient care. You love your job. When you come to work one day, the nurse manager asks you to work with a nursing assistant on a heavy assignment. The manager says that you have done a wonderful job through your orientation, and now he needs you to be the head of the dyad for a day because the RN called in sick. He says that he will be available to assist you with IV procedures and medications and whatever else you need. You are concerned because you are a new LPN who has worked on the floor for less than a month. The nursing assistant with whom you are working is very good at what she does, but she is not a licensed nurse. This situation has the potential for being chaotic. RN and one Nursing Assistant or LPN.  Comment on the following questions:



  1. Should you accept this assignment? Please explain your answer.

Yes, I would accept the assignment.


  1. If you accept the assignment, are there any considerations you need to clarify with the nurse manager?



  1. Plan ahead for chaos. What strange attractors can you anticipate? RN and one Nursing Assistant or LPN.