Can I lose to Gyeongnam High School? I had to win against Gyeongnam High School!”

Busan High School, along with Gyeongnam High School, are called the two major mountains of Busan high school baseball. A national baseball team that has won 13 championships in major tournaments. Busan High School is home to star players such as Ma Hae-young, Yeom Jong-seok, Joo Hyeong-gwang, Choo Shin-soon, and Son Ah-seop, who can be called the face of Korean baseball.

However, for the past 10 years, Busan high school baseball has been close to the era of Gyeongnam High School solo. It was almost colorless to say that Busan High School is the two major mountain ranges of local high school baseball. 스포츠토토

It was 2020 when Busan High School alumni rolled up their sleeves to restore their pride. In September of that year, Park Gye-won (52), who came from his alma mater, was newly appointed.

At the same time as coach Park took office, he went through all the local secondary baseball competitions. Even on the weekends, watching the tournament was the default because I was looking for players to scout. I went around without a break even on weekends to check the skills of the players I watched and figure out if there were any players I missed. His wife, Jeonghwa-hwa, even said that she thought high school baseball had weekend games even in the off-season.

The third grade troika built with Won Sang-hyun, Seong Young-tak, and Ye Geon-woo is at the center of it. Won Sang-hyun has already been a target for scouting by pro clubs for a long time. The 149km fastball that comes out of a sturdy body of 185cm·83kg and the curve that is evaluated as the greatest weapon has a sharp speed and angle when bent with a huge drop. It is said that the curve will work in the pros right now.

Director Park said, “Won Sang-hyun’s greatest weapon is his speed, control, and breaking ball, but his frightening concentration, desire to compete, and sincerity that he shows in the game.” “

Sung Yeong-tak, who has a 142 km fastball and excellent slide control, is also a strong pillar of the Busan High mound. Ye Geon-woo is a sidearm pitcher who is gifted with a 141 km fastball and changeup, as well as control.

Coach Park said, “Busan High School . It is important to regain the second heyday, but I also keep in mind the relief of the alumni who have been hurt by their pride over the past 10 years due to rival Gyeongnam High School.”

He expressed his confidence that ” Gyeongnam High School will not be able to easily beat Busan High School for at least the next three years.” The same people who had shrunk began to straighten their shoulders.

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