Psychological Condition that Affects Health

Psychological Condition that Affects Health

The following questions refer only to the required Text and content presented within this class. To receive any credit for your answers, you must use these resources and provide in-text citations and corresponding reference list using APA format appropriately. Follow length guidelines. A paragraph is defined as no less than 5 complete sentences, and typically is around 8 sentences. Don’t forget to proof read as well. Upon completion submit to folder.  Psychological Condition that Affects Health 


Define the term Ombudsman? What are the major roles of a long-term care ombudsman? Describe a typical encounter of an ombudsman within a residential program highlighting their role. (2 paragraph max, meaning 5-8 sentences for each paragraph, 10 points).

Name and describe the biological theories of aging. This entry must be completed in descriptive paragraphs – no outline format (min.  of 3 paragraphs, 20 points).

According the materials presented throughout the course, what is the mental/psychological condition that affects health the most among older adults. Provide the science-based rational for this (There is a specific answer; 2 paragraph max, 15 points) Psychological Condition that Affects Health 

According to the CDC, what are the top 6 leading chronic health conditions. What is the prevalence overall of these  health conditions later in life, and how do they affect health costs (2 paragraph max., 10 points). Remember only use classroom resources. Do not go directly to CDC, grade will be determined based on information within the class. 

What are the current substance abuse and substance dependence trends among the elderly, include at least alcohol, opioids, and other prescription medications (min. 2 -max 4 paragraphs, 15 points). Psychological Condition that Affects Health 
What are the normal affects of aging on muscles, tendons, and bones? Create a narrative describing typical challenges with ADLs within a given day for either a man or female (max. 3 paragraphs, 10 points). Psychological Condition that Affects Health