Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank welcomes a new commander. Pepper Savings Bank resigned on November 29 last year, citing sluggish performance and team atmosphere renewal.

At the time, the club appointed coach Lee Kyung-soo as acting manager, and since then, the 2022-23 Dodram V-League schedule has been digested카지노사이트. In the midst of this, there was a lot of talk that Pepper Savings Bank was moving with a foreign supervisor in mind as the next command tower.

As rumored, Pepper Savings Bank decided on a foreign director as its second command tower. The main character is Aachen Kim, who leads the women’s volleyball team at Brown University in the United States.

He is a Korean-American and started his leadership career in 2009 as a coach for the Catholic University of America’s volleyball team. Afterwards, he worked as a coach at George Washington University, Houston Bapfist University, and American University, and made his debut as a head coach in 2018, taking charge of the Brown University women’s volleyball team.

Aachen coach Kim drew attention by leading Brown University, which was in the third division, to promotion to the second division. He was also selected as the Ivy League Conference’Coach of the Year’ in 2021, which Brown University belongs to.

That year, Brown University volleyball team also succeeded in advancing to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament for the first time in history. Although they did not belong to the top 25 teams in Division 1 (first division) this season, they recorded 10 wins and 4 losses in their conference and recorded 15 wins and 10 losses.

As Pepper Savings Bank said earlier that it was focusing on foreign supervision, one of the candidates mentioned was director Jamie Morrison.

Manager Morrison is different from coach Kim in Aachen in terms of his career. He started his leadership career in 2003 as a coach for the University of Southern California (USC) volleyball team.

In 2005, she coached the U.S. men’s volleyball team, and from 2009 to 2016, she coached the U.S. women’s volleyball team. She made her coaching debut in 2013 when she captained the UC Irvine University women’s volleyball team. From 2015 to 2017, she is currently Cesar Gonzalez. She also served as the Bakibank coach of the Turkiye (Turkey) League, where the Korean women’s volleyball national team coach is a power analysis coach.

In 2017 she coached the Dutch women’s national volleyball team and led the team until 2019. Coach Morrison returned to the United States in 2021 as a coach for the University of Texas volleyball team, and in December of last year he took over as coach of the Texas A&M University volleyball team.

Coach Morrison was mentioned as the commander of KGC Ginseng Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Ginseng Corporation) at the end of last season, and he had a relationship with the V-League. He is the leader that the Ginseng Corporation club was trying to appoint as the successor to Lee Young-taek, the current Indonesian Palembang Bank coach. Ginseng Corporation found a new head coach after Lee’s contract expired, and went as far as signing a contract with Morrison.

However, in the process of returning to the team after the club manager was replaced at the time, the issue of appointing Morrison went back to square one, and coach Koh Hee-jin took over as the successor command tower.

It seems unlikely that Pepper Savings Bank will immediately call Aachen manager Kim. As of the 17th, the team has 8 games left this season, and it is highly likely that it will be finished with the acting manager Lee Kyung-soo

Pepper Savings Bank is at the bottom (7th) with 3 wins and 25 losses (9 points) as of this day. However, all three wins so far this season were achieved after the launch of the acting coach Lee Kyung-soo system.

If Pepper Savings Bank adds 1 win in the future and obtains 3 points, it will exceed the record (3 wins, 28 losses, 11 points) achieved last season, the first year of participating in the V-League. Considering this situation, it is unlikely that Pepper Savings Bank will immediately take off the supervising tag and start with the Aachen Kim supervision system.

Pepper Savings Bank is about to play an away game against Korea Expressway Corporation at the Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 18th. The last opponent in the 5th round was Ginseng Corporation and was scheduled to play on the 21st at Yeomju Gymnasium (Peppers Stadium) in Gwangju, the home court.


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