German Bundesliga RB Leipzig captain Willy Orban is expected to miss the game. It’s to save the life of a total stranger.

British media reported on the 8th that ‘Orban may miss his next game after donating stem cells to save a stranger’s life’.

Orbán has been absent from training in Leipzig since last weekend to donate bone marrow to someone he has never known. He has not missed a game in Leipzig this season, but he says he will not be able to play for others this time.

Orban is on the operating table to transplant stem cells to a person born on the 8th local time. So, media reports say that he will inevitably miss the match against Union Berlin on the weekend.

Orban decided to donate stem cells because of a promise he made in 2017. He was put on the German bone marrow donor스포츠토토 list following his club’s campaign at the time.

There has been no one who needs his tissue for nearly six years, but recently, it is said that someone who needs Orban’s blood cells has appeared. He decides to give his bone marrow without hesitation and goes on the operating table on the 8th.

According to his report, Orban plans to transplant his stem cells to patients who need them. When normal stem cells are transplanted, damaged cells are replaced with new cells, and diseases such as lymphoma and leukemia can be treated.

Orbán received an injection to increase the number of stem cells in his blood for the transplant and will undergo a procedure that will last several hours in Dresden on the 8th.

After a stem cell transplant, doctors usually advise you to rest for about 10 days. As such, the defender is unlikely to be able to play at the weekend’s Union Berlin game.

In response, Orban clarified, “He has no doubts about transplants that can save human lives.” In an interview with Germany’s Bild, Orban said, “They say that my little efforts can save human lives. There can’t be two opinions to me,” he cuts off.

“I sincerely hope that my donation will help the recipient’s complete healing,” Orban said. “I hope this action will encourage more people to sign up for bone marrow donation. The process is really simple.”

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