Ulsan Hyundai midfielder Park Yong-woo (30), newly selected for the national team, apologized after being criticized for making racially discriminatory remarks on social media comparing his teammate to the appearance of a Thai soccer player. However, the Korea Football Association (KFA) announced that it would review this case at the association level.메이저놀이터

Some of Ulsan’s players, including Park Yong-woo, and the team manager posted their team’s defender Lee Myung-jae (30)’s Instagram post on the same day after Ulsan defeated Jeju 5-1 on the 10th. He compared it to Hypracon (27, Buriram) and left a comment that could be seen as racist.

In the post, midfielder Lee Kyu-seong (29) said, “The Southeast Asian quarter is strong,” as if keeping in mind Lee Myung-jae’s rather dark skin color, and Park Yong-woo compared Lee Myung-jae to Sasalak’s appearance, saying, “The Sasalak form is crazy.” Ulsan’s team manager also wrote, “Sassalak Super Taeheung (C)”.

In addition, Lee Myeong-jae also replied, “It’s because of you, Asia Quarter” to the comment of Jung Seung-hyeon (29), a defender who praised his performance.

Lee Myung-jae Instagram capture

Fans who watched the Ulsan players’ comments criticized that their conversation could be seen as racist remarks, and that it was a lack of respect for foreign players who played together in the league. Sasalak was loaned to Jeonbuk Hyundai in July 2021 and played for half the season.

When the controversy erupted, Lee Myung-jae deleted the post, and Park Yong-woo posted an apology on Instagram, saying, “I apologize to Sasalak player, all fans, and people around me who must have been hurt by my careless words and actions.” Subsequently, Lee Gyu-seong also posted an apology.

However, the KFA side hinted at the possibility of Park Yong-woo being selected for the national team, saying that national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann was aware of the incident. Currently, Park Yong-woo has been called up to the national team for the second consecutive A-match in June.

According to OSEN on the 12th, a KFA official said, “The KFA, head coach Klinsman, and coaching staff are also aware of this incident.” The report will be reviewed by the federation and KFA together.”

He added, “We will make a decision after internal review according to the results of the investigation.”

Meanwhile, Park Yong-woo, Lee Myeong-jae, and Lee Gyu-seong, who made the remarks in question in this conversation, are the vice-captains of Ulsan.

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