(Go) Kwang-min will cut ties with us.”

FC Seoul head coach Ahn Ik-soo’s complaint contained deep regret. This is because defender Ko Kwang-min (35), who had been worried since the start of the game, decided to take on a new challenge in Kagoshima, Japan, a training ground. It is the point where there are only two weeks left until the opening game with Incheon United.

On the 14th, Ko Kang-min informed his colleagues at the end of the team dinner that he was leaving for Malaysia Sabah FA. Immediately on his way home, he boarded a plane to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, home of Kaba. If there are no major problems 메이저사이트in the local medical test, he will play for Sabah for the next two years.

The surprise breakup of the ‘one club man’ that Seoul boasts is surprising news. Since his debut in Seoul in 2011, Ko Kwang-min has only worn the Seoul uniform, except for his military service period (2017-2018). Having played a total of 246 games (187 K-League 1) for Seoul, he had even signed a new contract this year.

The reason Ko Kwang-min put down his honor was a practice match. Seoul started preparing for the next season last month in Hua Hin, Thailand. Ko Kwang-min played a practice game with Sabah in the field, and he played a perfect score to charm the opponent. Sabah captain Park Tae-soo even asked Ko Kwang-min for his contact information. It seemed that he was trying to build a friendship with a player of his age whom he met in Manri, but it turned out to be the first step to the transfer.

Earlier this month, Sabah directly proposed a transfer to Ko Kwang-min, and then formally requested transfer negotiations with Seoul. It was not a big amount, but it was an official letter that included the transfer fee. And as Ko Kwang-min directly asked director Ahn for permission, Seoul had no choice but to struggle.

It is similar to the former national team defender Kwon Kyung-won (Gamba), who made a surprise transfer after playing a practice game with Al-Ahli of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the Jeonbuk Hyundai era. At the time, Jeonbuk coach Choi Kang-hee tried to dissuade Kwon Kyung-won from leaving, but Ahn accepted the breakup.

Manager Ahn said, “In fact, I also have memories of not being able to go even after being offered a transfer after playing a practice game with Japan’s Kashima Antlers when I was playing for Pohang Steelers.” said.

Seoul, which wanted to capture the one-club man, spared no last consideration for Ko Kwang-min’s sincerity. It was decided not to receive the transfer fee proposed by Sabah. An official from Seoul said, “It wasn’t a big amount. Still, I didn’t want to pay for a player who did his best in our club. I hope that the player will do his best until the end where he wants.”

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