Last week, one of the hot news in professional baseball was ‘YouTube broadcast commentary by commentator Jae-Won Oh who shot his senior Park Chan-Ho’.

Oh Jae-won, a commentator at SPOTV, said in a YouTube broadcast, “I hate the Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) so much. I hate him so much, what is it? I get up and cheer for him, and I don’t think I know how grateful he was.”

Then, he said, 메이저사이트“So, there are not one or two players who made a fool by commenting once in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for that, but words seem to be important.” has revealed his convictions.

As for what can be said like this, it can be a personal opinion, so you can just look at it as a fresh attempt. In fact, there are people who say, “I can see that a place where I can tell my story in the baseball game has been prepared, regardless of whether opinions are right or wrong. I need to look at this point differently.” However, in this regard, commentator Oh Jae-won himself could not be free from criticism that he had unfolded inconsistent logic.

Park Chan-ho, who is actually involved in the sniping by Oh Jae-won, is keeping silent. [Yonhap News data photo]

First of all, you have to look back at the part where you say, “I can talk because I am a normal person.” In the end, this remark can be misunderstood to mean “I’m retired, so now you can say what you want to say and live.” If Jaewon Oh is a retired player who does not appear frequently in the mass media, he can be somewhat free from the logic of ‘he is an ordinary person’. Unfortunately, however, he is also a broadcaster who often appears in the mass media, whether he likes it or not. The attribute of broadcasting has the characteristic that not only baseball fans but also an unspecified number of people can access it very easily. Therefore, he should have erased the idea that he was a general. The fact that he was put in a position where he had to be careful with every word he said was largely overlooked.

Even though he belongs to another public figure as a commentator, the fact that he started sniping at his senior with the story “I want this to be included” will inevitably have a great impact on his future actions. As a commentator, sometimes you need to put aside what you want to say for a while. He himself said that he had to explain the situation from an objective point of view from a ‘third person’s point of view’. Although he said that he criticized his seniors with arms crossed, he overlooked the fact that he was making many mistakes himself.

Regarding this, this magazine contacted Chan-ho Park, the chairman of the ‘TEAM 61’ foundation, about the commentator Jae-Won Oh’s personal opinion, but could not hear a reply. However, I could only indirectly confirm that keeping silent in this regard is the best solution. After his retirement, Park Chan-ho, the chairman of the board, approached general baseball fans with the friendliness of a man next door as a ‘two-much talker’, but he knew how to keep his mouth shut.

Due to this one act, commentator Oh Jae-won was placed in a situation where the contract with his agency was terminated and SPOTV commentary was excluded. He said that he felt that he had to be careful with one word, but it is quite ironic that he was put on a slope because of that ‘horse’.

It was found that the YouTube broadcast broadcast by commentator Jaewon Oh was deleted from the official channel and can no longer be viewed.

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