The situation is increasingly becoming irreversible.

British media outlet ‘Telegraph’ reported on the 15th (Korean time), “Jadon Sancho (23) rejected coach Eric ten Haag’s request for a public apology. He still claims to be a victim.”

Manchester United are angry at Sancho. On the 14th, it was said through the official channel, “Sancho violated the team discipline issue,” and “He will be excluded from first-team training for the time being. He will only conduct individual training until the problem is resolved.”

It’s Manchester United on a windy day. Following their second loss in four games, there was even noise outside the stadium. The British media ‘Guardian’ highlighted on the 4th, “Sancho described himself as a scapegoat. It was a comment that put his future at Manchester United in doubt.”

The Arsenal game on the same day was problematic. At the post-match press conference, manager Ten Haag explained the reason for Sancho’s exclusion from the list as “poor training performance.” Sancho completely refuted this through personal social networking service (SNS).

He claimed, “I will not just listen to something that is not true at all. I received good training. I think there is another reason (for being excluded from the list). I have been a scapegoat for a long time. This is unfair.” Coach Ten Haag selected Alejandro Garnacho (19) and Facundo Pelestri (21) from Arsenal as bench resources.

The Arsenal match in which Sancho was absent ended in Manchester United’s defeat. In the early stages of the game, the away team, Manchester United, took the lead. In the 26th minute, Rashford broke down Arsenal’s left flank and struck the net with a sensational right-footed shot. Manchester United’s sharp counterattack dealt a blow to Arsenal.

Arsenal also had a tough time. After two minutes, captain Odegaard scored the equalizer. He took Martinelli’s pass and fired it in with his left foot.

The seesaw game continued. The game pattern was similar. Arsenal mainly held the ball and put pressure on Manchester United. Manchester United lowered their line and focused on defense.

Manchester United almost turned the game around again, aiming for a counterattack . In the 44th minute of the second half, Garnacho penetrated into the space behind Arsenal and calmly pushed in with his right foot, splitting the net. Garnacho cheered along with Manchester United’s away fans at the dramatic goal. However, offside was declared after VAR. Garnacho’s upper body was slightly ahead of the opponent’s final defense. 8 minutes of extra time were given in the second half.

A dramatic goal was scored. Rice, who Arsenal signed from West Ham for 100 million pounds, shined. In the 6th minute of added time, Rice attempted a strong right-footed shot from a corner kick, and the ball hit Evans’ foot. The shot went exquisitely into the narrow space between Onana and the goalpost. It was Rice’s debut goal for Arsenal.

Just before the end of the game, Jeju struck a wedge. Manchester United, who were in a hurry to score a goal, suddenly collapsed. Jejus reached the goal with a solo dribble, completely deceived the final defender, and scored Arsenal’s third goal with a right-footed shot. Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-1 at home.

Sancho’s protest continued. “I’m just happy to play football and contribute to the team. I respect every decision made by the coaching staff. I’m playing with fantastic players. I know every week is a challenge,” he said. In the match against Arsenal in which Sancho was absent, Manchester United lost 1-3.메이저사이트

The atmosphere in the locker room also changed. Manchester United players seem to have turned their backs on Sancho. According to a report by sports media ‘ESPN’ on the 9th, Manchester United are fed up with Sancho’s behavior. The players are feeling tired due to Sancho’s attitude. We fully support coach Ten Haag. It was revealed that most of Manchester United’s players, except Sancho, were satisfied with coach Ten Haag’s management of the team.

In the past, Coach Ten Haag firmly dismissed players who rebelled. Cristiano Ronaldo (37), known as Manchester United’s legendary player, did the same. At the beginning of last season, Ronaldo rebelled against coach Ten Haag. As his playing time decreased, he directly expressed his dissatisfaction with his life at Manchester United through an interview.

In the end, it was Ronaldo who left the team. He headed to Al Nasr, Saudi Arabia. It was his first advance to the Asian stage in his soccer career. Coach Ten Haag continued his winning streak even after dismissing Ronaldo. They finished the 2022-23 season in third place and qualified for the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The beginning of the second season is struggling. Following Sancho’s protest, starting winger Anthony (23) was accused of assault. Manchester United will exclude Anthony from training pending the results of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are open to a move for Sancho. I am thinking of listening to the offer from Sancho’s former team, Borussia Dortmund. Sancho left Dortmund for 73 million pounds (approximately 111.4 billion won) in the summer transfer market of 2021 and wore a Manchester United uniform. Although he dominated the German stage at a young age, he is struggling in his native England. Meanwhile, rumors of a disagreement with the director broke out.

Manchester United came out strong. According to local media, including Britain’s Daily Star, the sale of Sancho is being considered. On the 12th, the media announced, “Sancho will leave Manchester United in the January transfer window. His relationship with manager Erik ten Haag has completely broken down. Manchester United may be considering a loan transfer, including a permanent transfer.”

In fact, following Sancho’s exclusion from the Manchester United squad, Anthony (23), a key winger under coach Ten Haag, is in danger of not being able to play in the game. Britain’s ‘BBC’ and ‘The Guardian’ all reported the news of Anthony, who was accused of assault. According to reports, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend claimed that she was physically assaulted by him in January. It was reported that hospital treatment was required.

The media said, “Anthony is being investigated for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Gabriela Cavalin claimed that in January, Antony attacked her by ‘headbutting’ her in a hotel room in Manchester. It is reported that she even received treatment at the hospital.” It was reported.

On the same day, Brazilian media outlet ‘UOL’ also announced Anthony’s news. The media reported the current situation, saying, “Sao Paulo and Manchester police are investigating the incident.”

Antony refuted through personal social networking service (SNS). He said, “The charges are false. The evidence that has already been released will prove that I am innocent. I believe that the ongoing police investigation will prove my innocence.”

First of all, he will be omitted from the A national team convocation list. On the same day, the Brazilian national team announced through official channels that Gabriel Jesus (26, Arsenal) had been selected as a replacement for Anthony as he needed to be investigated for assault.

This will likely be a headache for Manchester United. Ahead of the 2022-23 season, Manchester United brought in Anthony, manager Eric ten Haag’s favorite student, for 100 million euros (about 142.9 billion won). After joining Manchester United last season, Anthony showed below-expected performance, scoring 10 goals and providing 5 assists in 47 games. Not long after the 2023-24 season opened, noise erupted.

Anthony completely refuted the allegations. In an interview, he explained his position, saying, “I was singled out as the perpetrator and needed to speak out. I explained this to the police. There was an argument, but there was no assault. The truth will come out.”

His immediate career as a player was put on hold. The Brazilian national team excluded Anthony from the international match roster in September. He was selected as a replacement for Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal). Brazil, without Anthony, defeated Bolivia in the first round of the South American regional qualifiers for the FIFA 2026 North and Central America World Cup held at the Estadio Olimpico do Para in Brazil on the 9th.

There were even additional accusations. The British Telegraph reported on the 8th, “Two more women have accused Anthony. One woman said she was physically assaulted by Anthony in Brazil in May of last year. Another woman said she was even threatened with sexual intercourse by Anthony during a business trip to England. .

Anthony is still the main player under coach Ten Haag. He started as a right winger in all four games after the opening. He did not record any offensive points. In a situation where he was dreaming of a rebound, personal problems arose. A situation where he could not concentrate on the game. Even if the assault charge turns out to be true, a player’s career cannot be guaranteed. This was the case for Mason Greenwood (21), who was unable to play for a long time due to assault charges. Manchester United, which had remained silent on the Anthony situation in its initial statement, also changed its attitude

. Manchester United decided to exclude Anthony from training for the time being. The results of the investigation will likely determine Anthony’s future at Manchester United. A series of

bad news broke out for Manchester United, which had been dreaming of a rebound. Manchester United suffered from poor performance at the beginning of the season, winning 2 and losing 2. It looks like it will be difficult for Antoni and Sancho to play in games for the time being, and prospects Garnacho and Pelestri are expected to get a chance.

Antony is still the main player under coach Ten Haag. He started as a right winger in all four games after the opening. He did not record any attack points. In a situation where he was dreaming of a rebound, personal problems arose. It’s a situation where you can’t just focus on the game. Even if the assault charge turns out to be true, he cannot even guarantee his career as a player. That was the case for Mason Greenwood (21), who was unable to play for a long time due to assault charges.

From the beginning, Manchester United was shaken by incidents outside the stadium. Sancho left quite a shock when he refuted coach Ten Haag’s interview. Manager Ten Haag left Sancho out of the list for the match against Arsenal. He cited “insufficient training performance” as the reason. Sancho rebelled against coach Ten Haag’s claims, saying, “I am just an unfair victim.”

Manchester United sided with the manager. In an official statement on the 14th, Manchester United announced that Sancho would be excluded from first-team training for a while. The reason is that he violated team rules.

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said through the BBC, “We are continuing to investigate Anthony’s allegations. We will be making no further comment.”

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