Manager Jesse March has been sacked on the 7th of the English Premier League Leeds United. Coach March took the Leeds baton from February 2022 and led the team to remain in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2021-22 season.

However, not only are they in the relegation zone this season, but they have been sluggish with 3 draws and 2 losses in their recent 5 Premier League matches. The record of 20 league games this season is 4 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses. With only 18 points, they are in 17th place.

In the end, Liz sacked March and is looking for a new manager. Meanwhile, Leeds appointed Michael Skubala as interim manager on the 7th. He is the team’s under-21 manager.

The British Daily Star said that his old pupils were stunned when they saw Skubala’s figure on the 10th. This is because Skubala, 메이저놀이터who was none other than a physical education teacher, took over as the temporary coach of the EPL team.

If you look at Scubala’s resume, it’s really unusual. He gained more fame as a futsal manager than as a football manager. Futsal is also soccer, so there is no problem, but it is definitely a unique experience.

He is the English Football Association’s first futsal strategy designer. He helped the England national futsal team achieve their highest world ranking in 18 years. He also served as coach of the Futsal World Cup.

According to the media, he worked as a PE teacher at a college. He took over the temporary baton on the 9th and directed the match against Manchester United. Media reports say that Scubala’s pupils who watched the match were shocked.

In addition, it is said that the disciples were even more surprised because they drew 2-2 against Manchester United, which is currently in full swing, in an away match held at Old Trafford.

According to Skubala’s pupils, he taught physical education at a college in Leicester. Lutterworth College is a secondary school for students ages 11 to 19. So it seems to be a teaser.

Surprised by the fact that the PE teacher became the EPL coach, the disciples said, “How did my old PE teacher do this? From Lutherworth College to Elland Road…” he left a smiley emoji. Other students were amazed as they remembered Skubala from his time at Lutherworth College.

Scubala left his teaching job at Lutterworth to spend much of his time as coach of the English futsal team. In 2021 he also became interim manager of the England U18 national team. He then left the national team to coach Leeds’ U21 team.

Although his futsal career was splendid, he also showed off his talent as a soccer manager. He also led Leeds’ youngsters well, winning 8 from 12 matches in the Premier League 2 division.

Of course, it seems that Skubala won’t be serving as Leeds’ interim manager for long. Sooner or later, the club plans to announce a new manager.

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