Neymar, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain, is currently recovering after undergoing surgery after suffering an ankle injury. This season is out. With his hands intact, Neymar continued his hobby. he is poker

However, it is said that Neymar lost 900,000 pounds or about 1.45 billion won in online poker games. Britain’s The Sun reported on the 30th that Neymar had lost money playing streaming online casino games.

Neymar is a well-known poker player.메이저놀이터 It is said that his level is Las Vegas level. It means that he is at a level high enough to pass even in Las Vegas, the city of gambling. But this online poker tournament didn’t have his fun. Then he pretended to cry and even screamed.

After losing all of his money, Neymar is said to have burst out laughing, saying, “Oh shit, I should put this on YouTube.” A player who played poker together teased, “Neymar, you went from 1 million to 0 in an hour.”

For Neymar, £900,000 could be earned in a week. The Sun said that a fan “expressed this money as a drop of water compared to his income.” Neymar earns 3.4 million pounds a month, so he earns 110,000 pounds a day. He could recover 900,000 pounds in 8 days.

[Neymar pretends to cry after losing money at the poker table. 

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