It has been revealed that the city of Busan did not properly consult with Busan I-Park, a professional football team with ties to Busan, on matters that directly affect the team’s operations. While cooperating with other local professional clubs to promote the 2030 World Expo Busan bid, the city did not consult with Busan I-Park, which has been fueling the controversy over the stadium.메이저사이트

On 28 March, Busan City announced the final results of the feasibility study and basic planning service for the reconstruction of Sajik Baseball Stadium. At the time, the city chose the Asiad main stadium as an alternative venue to be used during the reconstruction of Sajik Baseball Stadium (2026-2028). The city announced its intention to convert the Asiad Main Stadium, which currently consists of a football field and a running track, into a baseball stadium.

However, it was revealed that the city of Busan did not hold a single official consultation with Busan I-Park, which uses the Asiad Stadium as its home stadium, when it announced the reconstruction plan. Busan I-Park did not even receive a single letter from the city until the announcement of the final service results. Busan I-Park is facing the prospect of having to vacate its home stadium without having had a chance to discuss with the city of Busan a replacement for the Asiad main stadium.Busan I-Park is also not participating in promotional activities for the 2030 Busan World Expo. Currently, major Korean professional sports teams are wearing the Busan 2030 logo on their jerseys and helmets. The Lotte Giants and the Busan BNK Thumb women’s basketball team, two professional teams with ties to Busan, are playing with the 2030 Busan World Expo patch on their jerseys. Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers, professional football teams with ties to other regions, also wear the Expo logo.

However, Busan I-Park, a club with ties to Busan, has not had any discussions with the city regarding the Expo patch. A club official said, “Busan I-Park is ready to put its efforts into the bid for the 2030 Expo Busan,” adding, “It is unfortunate that we were unable to reach a concrete agreement with the city of Busan regarding the patch.”

Fans who support Busan IPark are also complaining about the city’s actions. “I don’t understand why the city of Busan is putting all its efforts into attracting the Expo, but doesn’t care about the clubs with ties to Busan,” said an official from the Busan Supporters.

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