NC Dinos left pitcher Choi Seong-young (26) suffered an unexpected injury, and it seems inevitable that he will leave for a long time.스포츠토토

Choi Seong-young started against the Changwon LG Twins on the 20th and was replaced after being hit by lead batter Moon Bo-gyeong in the top of the 3rd inning. The result of the day was 2.1 innings, 1 walk and no runs.

The situation was serious. Choi Seong-young was knocked down by Moon Bo-kyung’s line drive hitting his left cheekbone. Second baseman Seo Ho-cheol caught the ball with quick judgment and increased the out count, but Choi Seong-young could not get up. Trainers and medical staff quickly headed to the mound.

Choi Seong-yeong, who felt pain while touching the injured part, got up on her own and took an ambulance to the hospital. An NC official said, “As a result of Choi Seong-young’s detailed examination, he was found to have fractured his left orbital part. After he undergoes further examinations, he will decide whether to undergo surgery or not.”

The departure of Choi Seong-young, who recorded 4 wins, no losses and an average ERA of 2.57 in 6 games (3 starts) this season, is a big bad news for NC. In a situation where key starting pitchers such as Eric Peddy and Koo Chang-mo have recently been missing, Seong-Young Choi has done his part perfectly as a substitute starter, so the blow is likely to be significant.

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