Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres), who is being disciplined for taking a banned substance, was criticized by an opposing pitcher as a ‘cheat’.

On the 6th (Korean time), Tatis Jr. played a minor league game against Sacramento under the San Diego Giants as a member of Triple A El Paso under San Diego.

In the 5th inning when the team was trailing 1-5, Tatis Jr. attacked Cade McClure’s 5th pitch and drew a solo arch that crossed the middle left fence.

It is a home run that Tatis Jr., who started playing minor league games on the 5th, scored in two games.

However, the gaze toward Tatis Jr.,온라인카지노 who caused great disappointment by taking banned drugs, is still not good.

ESPN said, “Tatis Jr., who said, “I expect to receive a lot of criticism from opponents and fans this year,” tasted criticism earlier in the day.

Even when Tatis Jr. hit a home run and ran around the bases, booing poured out from the crowd.

McClure, who hit the home run, posted on Twitter after the game, “A cheater who hits a home run in a rehab game while on steroids.” This tweet was deleted a day later.

Tatis Jr., who was a major league star, was shocked when the banned substance clostebol was detected in a doping test in August of last year. He explained at the time that he had “taken clostebol to treat skin disease,” but that could not cover fans’ disappointment.

Tatis Jr., who made his major league debut in 2019, recorded a batting average of 0.292, 81 homers, 195 RBIs and 52 stolen bases in 273 games.

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