Former Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa (68) is still a popular leader. When former soccer team coach Paulo Bento left Korea, he emerged as a candidate to take the next baton.

However, it seems unlikely that Bielsa will come to Korea. It is also true that the ransom is so high that it is difficult to afford financially to take care of all the divisions.

The British popular magazine ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 27th (Korean time), ‘Bielsa’s destination has not been decided yet. He said, “There are rumors of joining the Mexican national team, but it is true that it is not easy, as some oppose it.”

Bielsa has experience with the national teams of Argentina and Chile, and managed Athletic Bilbao, Espanyol, Lazio, OSC Lille and Leeds. Although he plays extreme attacking football, he is praised for moving within the framework of his tactics. 메이저사이트

In the case of Leeds, his most recent team, he has been in a relationship since the summer of 2018 and led them to victory in the 2019-20 season championship (second division). However, after being promoted to the Premier League, he has been unemployed since February last year due to poor performance last season.

There have been rumors recently that Everton, who are trying to get out of the relegation zone after sacking coach Frank Lampard, are trying to sign, but it doesn’t seem to be easy.

Instead of Korea, he was also connected to the Mexican national team. It is evaluated that he is suitable for the Mexico national team, which is vacant after parting ways with coach Gerard Martino. At the World Cup in Qatar, I experienced the pain of being eliminated from the group stage, but considering the strength of Mexico going to the round of 16, meeting Bielsa is interesting.

However, the atmosphere changed after the Mexican Football Association formed a director selection committee. The selection committee, joined by executives such as Club America and Chivas Guadalajara, the prestigious Mexican leagues, said that Bielsa was too old and recommended current Pachuca coach Guillermo Almada or former national team coach Miguel Herrera.

Bielsa has turned down an offer from Everton. However, the club did not give up hope. This is why the curiosity about Bielsa’s 13th command team grows.

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