Pole vault ‘young emperor’ Armand Duplantis메이저놀이터 (24, Sweden) overcame 6m10 in the first game of the season, heralding another ‘great season’.

Duplantis won the Mondo Classic Men’s Pole Vault over 6m10 at the World Association of Athletics Federations Indoor Tour Challenger Meeting held in Upsara, Sweden on the 3rd (Korean time). The World Association of Athletics Federations said, “Duplantis is the first athlete to exceed 6m10 in the first game of the season.” KC Lightfoot (24, USA) and Ernest John Oviena (28, Philippines), who placed second and third, also posted good records with 5m91, but could not threaten Duplantis.

Duplantis, Sergei Boopka (Ukraine), and Renault Lavilleni (France) are the only players who have exceeded 6m10 both indoors and outdoors. Of these, Duplantis has already exceeded 6m10 in early February, when players usually improve their condition. In particular, ‘Mondo’ attached to the name of this tournament is the nickname of Duplantis. It means that the main character of this competition is Duplantis.

On this day, Duplantis also fought against records, not rankings, after confirming the championship while already exceeding 6m in the second round. And in the third period, it exceeded 6m10. Afterwards, he raised the bar to 6m22 and challenged his own indoor and outdoor combined indoor and outdoor record (6m21), but failed to exceed it.

Duplantis said in an interview with Swedish broadcaster SVT after the game, “It was very close to 6m22. 100%, I think I can do it,” he said. “Of course, it’s not easy. First of all, I am satisfied that I surpassed 6m10 in the first game of the season. With just fine adjustments, we can challenge the world record again.”

Duplantis is the best male athlete selected by the World Association of Athletics Federations in 2022. In March last year, he won the Belgrade World Indoor Track and Field Championships with a new indoor world record of 6m20, and at the Eugene Outdoor World Championships in July, he set a new combined indoor and outdoor record of 6m21 and climbed to the top.

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