UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev (31, Russia) stood tall as the strongest pound for pound (P4P).

On the 12th, at UFC 284 Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia) held at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia, Makhachev won a unanimous decision victory after fighting five rounds in a lightweight title match with Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia).

The match between the two fighters drew attention as it was the first P4P ranking matchup in UFC history between No. 1 and No. 2. P4P is a ranking that determines who is the best fighter if all fighters are in the same weight class, and Volkanovski was ranked first and Makhachev ranked second.

Makachev defeated Volkanovski in a match that drew attention from all over the world and became the true UFC fighter.

On the other hand, Volkanovski, who challenged for the lightweight title as the current featherweight champion, suffered his second loss (25 wins) in his mixed martial arts career.

As befitting the players who are considered the strongest in each weight class, the two played a great match throughout the 5 rounds.

Many expected this match to be a match between Volkanovski’s striking and Makhachev’s grappling, but the opposite was revealed when the lid was opened.

Volkanovski pressed Makachev with his unexpected wrestling skills, and Makachev stopped Volkanovski from advancing 카지노사이트with hard punches.

The match, which continued to be tight until the 4th round, erupted in the last 5th round.

Makachev, who had accumulated more effective hits until the 4th round, was knocked down by Volkanovski’s punch at the end of the 5th round. The gong rang in the 5th round when Makhachev lay on his back on the floor and defended, a scene that was rarely seen.

The final impact was on Volkanovski’s side, but as a result of the final decision, the judges raised Makachev’s hand for accumulating more effective hits and creating more advantageous scenes. Two of the three judges wrote down Makachev’s victory by 1 point, and the remaining one saw it as Makachev’s 3-point advantage.

Makachev, who succeeded in the first defense of the lightweight division, now challenges the second defense. On the other hand, after finishing his lightweight challenge, Volkanovski will return to his original position at featherweight and prepare to face interim champion Yair Rodriguez (Mexico) on the same day.

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