The Lotte Giants will wear a new uniform from the exhibition game that opens on the 13th. 

On the 12th, Lotte held a showcase to unveil new VIs and uniforms and a launch ceremony for the 2023 season at Millak the Market in Busan.

The new home uniform combines ivory color with a 스포츠토토 strong red color word mark to express the passion for victory. The away uniform named the existing color as potential navy color, emphasizing the solid image with the potential of the younger squad. In addition, dynamics was emphasized by applying a pattern embodying seagulls and waves soaring in Busan to the arm.

Lotte will wear a new uniform in an exhibition match against Doosan Bears at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 13th. 

During the season, a special uniform in heritage blue color, which is a reinterpretation of the champion uniform at the time of winning the Korean Series, will be introduced. 

On this day, Lotte unveiled for the first time the BI and uniforms that have been developed over the past year to inherit the heritage as the original team and deliver the image of a strong team with unrivaled popularity and charm. The new emblem emphasizes sportiness while having legitimacy as a first-year member of the KBO League, and the ‘Gwangan Bridge Emblem’ was developed and expanded to increase usability. The new symbol ‘Energetic G’ incorporates the club’s management philosophy of power, fighting spirit, and dynamism.

Along with the new BI development, a new team-only font was also released. The club-specific typeface, ‘Giants Font’, developed for the first time in the KBO League, was first applied to uniform back numbers and catchphrases for the 2023 season, and is planned to be distributed free of charge to Giants fans in the future.

Captain An Chi-hong said, “With the newly changed logo, emblem, uniform, and catchphrase, the team will also show a newly changed appearance and stable performance, and we will not forget that everyone is always one team. We will do our best to repay you with good results this season.” revealed Jeon Jun-woo, the oldest member of the team, said, “As a player who has been playing for the Giants since joining the club, I am very satisfied with the uniform that suits the new change. With this opportunity, I want the team to repay the fans with the desired results this year.”

Coach Sutton promised, “To live up to the expectations of the fans, we have been through a tough process since overseas field training. With the launch ceremony as an opportunity, we will show a changed Lotte Giants with one strength.”

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