“Be more fussy.”

When I asked Lee Hyeon-seung (22), a rookie setter of Hyundai Capital in the professional volleyball men’s division, what advice coach Choi Tae-woong (47), a senior at Hanyang University and a former famous setter, gives most often, this answer came back. Director Choi said, “Creativity comes from a free atmosphere. In that sense, if Hyunseung can show off his ability by being more fussy on the court, he is willing to help with anything.”

Lee Hyeon-seung is growing up while eating ‘carrots’ that Director Choi is providing unlimitedly. Lee Hyun-seung, who submitted an application for the draft after attending Hanyang University for only three years, wore the Hyundai Capital uniform as the second overall pick. The first 3 games of his debut started in the ‘warm-up zone’, but since the match against Woori Card on December 14 last year, he has been a starting player in 8 consecutive matches. At the same time, he emerged as the strongest candidate for the male rookie of the year along with Samsung Fire Middle Blocker Kim Jun-woo (23).카지노사이트

On the 13th, Lee Hyun-seung, who met at the ‘Castle of Skywalkers’ in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, which the team uses as a lodging and practice field, explained his strengths, saying, “I am good at fighting against opponent blockers and play boldly.” I will focus only on fitting in,” he said. As of the 18th, Hyunseung Lee’s set (toss) is connected with an attack efficiency of 0.412. Among the main setters of the seven men’s teams, this is the second highest record after Korean Air player Han (0.419).

Lee Hyun-seung started playing volleyball in the third year of Iribusong Elementary School, following his twin brother Lee Hyun-jin, who plays as a wing striker at Hanyang University. Lee Hyun-seung said, “My younger brother, who is better at volleyball, changed his position from setter to striker, so I took on the remaining role,” but for that reason alone, he was too good to be called a setter. During his male middle and high school years, he led the team to 10 national championships, and in 2019, when he was in high school 3, he was selected for the national team for the Under-19 World Championship. Even at Hanyang University, he has been the starting pitcher since his freshman year.

SBS Sports commentator Choi Cheon-sik, who is also the coach of Inha University, said, “(Lee Hyeon-seung) has a clear advantage in playing with middle blockers such as fast attacks. The fact that he has a lot of winning experience is definitely a factor that instills confidence in setters.”

The stable team receiving ability also helps Hyunseung Lee make a soft landing on the pro stage. Hyundai Capital’s team receive efficiency is 42.6%, which is the first in the league. The more stable the receive is, the more stable the setter can distribute the ball. Lee Hyeon-seung said, “Since I’ve been living with seniors who are more than the same age as my roommates Park Sang-ha (37) and Moon Seong-min (37), I feel like I can play ‘fuck’ on the court.”

Lee Hyun-seung said, “In fact, there are so many things I want to do, including winning the Rookie of the Year award and winning with his older brothers. I want to achieve all the things I can do as a professional player and achieve success. There are so many things we haven’t shown yet,” he said, revealing his confidence.

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