‘Heaven-sent hero’ Lee Chun-woong (35) of LG was virtually eliminated from the opening entry early.

The pace of the exhibition match is not bad. He has a batting average of 0.263 in all seven games. In 20 at-bats, he strikes out only one, showing a sense of stability.

However, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said,메이저놀이터 “It seems virtually difficult for Lee Cheon-woong to enter the opening entry. Instead, if there is an injured player in the outfield, he will be promoted to number one. He constantly hopes to take good care of his body. He is still an essential player for the team,” he said.

This is because the LG outfield is saturated.

The harmony between the new and the old is ideal, and even foreign players occupy a spot in the outfield.

Starting with foreign player Austin, Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, and Moon Seong-joo are competing. It is difficult to say who is better, so we have to think about how to use them happily.

LG plans to maintain the outfield five-man system by mobilizing the designated hitter and rest days.

Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “All five outfielders are starting pitchers. We will mobilize all means to make good use of them.”

Lee Chun-woong is one step behind him. Since he is the first player to reach out to an injured player, LG is putting a lot of effort into appeasing Lee Cheon-woong.

Lee Chun-woong also doesn’t have many options. He has to overcome fierce competition to play for LG. It is a situation where you have to appeal with exceptional results.

The camp also had to go through the 2nd Army camp. He joined the first team ahead of the demonstration game, but rather than giving him a chance, it was as if he was briefly in the first team because outfielders such as Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Lee Chun-woong has not been able to perform well in recent years. His injury and sluggishness overlapped and he was pushed out of the outfield competition.

While he was slowing down, Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo grew at LG, and Park Hae-min was recruited as a free agent from outside. LG tried to select foreign players as infielders as much as possible, but as foreign players in the infield failed one after another, they began to scout outfielders based only on their batting skills.

The fruits that can be obtained even with hard work are not so sweet. However, Lee Chun-woong’s baseball was not over yet. He gets into a lot of stuff during the baseball season. He is in a situation where he could be a call-up at any time.

For now, he seems to have no choice but to accept his position as ‘backup number one’.

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