Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo left a loving and confident remark toward coach Hwang Sun-hong, who leads the Asian Games national team, and ace Lee Kang-in (PSG).

On the 14th, Lee Cheon-soo presented his direction with his sincerity through his YouTube channel and asked fans to support him. Hwang Seon-hong is a far greater senior in the soccer world than Lee Cheon-soo and is also a teammate who made it to the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup.

First, Lee Cheon-soo emphasized that he must win a gold medal at this competition.

Lee Cheon-soo said, “If (Lee) Kang-in doesn’t win a gold medal in the Asian Games, he should quit. That’s how I see it. If he doesn’t win a gold medal in the Asian Games, he should quit as an Olympic coach. (Hwang) Seon-hong probably made the same decision.” He said.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong plans to take charge of the Asian Games and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Lee Cheon-soo said, “At the Asian Games level, the team with Kang-in is different from other Asian teams. Some teams will think about changing the uniform (with Lee Kang-in) first. We have one goal. Even a silver medal is useless,” and said, “If it is not a gold medal, it is meaningless.” He raised his voice saying no.

As for Lee Kang-in, he advised that he should absolutely join before the start of the competition. There is a story that PSG is giving Lee Kang-in permission from the start of the tournament in order to send him off as late as possible, but this is said to be a preferential treatment.메이저사이트

Lee Cheon-soo said, “It doesn’t make sense to start from the quarterfinals. It’s not good that the organization has to do this only to this person. It’s also bad for Kangin. Kangin must come and become an axis and create harmony. Of course, he can’t join late. “But you still have to go before the first game. Even if you can’t play in the preliminaries, you have to go. That’s Kang-in’s role,” he said, strongly adding that he should join the squad before the first game of the group stage anyway.

Lee Cheon-soo believed that the outside of the game was the beginning. Lee Cheon-soo expressed concern, saying, “Showing camaraderie is also a part of Kangin’s soccer life. It should be there from the beginning. (Special treatment) is also bad for other players when they see Kangin.”

Lee Cheon-soo appealed to support instead of spreading the issue and criticizing.

Lee Cheon-soo said, “Entering the competition as the center of controversy is not a good thing in itself. Since this is just the beginning, we need support. Everything has been decided. The coach has one responsibility. If he fails, the coach will take responsibility. Now, please support without controversy.” He asked.

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