Kwon Soon-woo (60th, Dangjin City Hall), who led Korea to a dramatic finals advance in the Davis Cup, a national tennis competition, will return to the tour schedule.

On the 8th, Kwon Soon-woo wrote on his SNS, “I will leave tomorrow,” and wrote, “It seems that a lot of things and only good things 먹튀검증happened while I was in Korea.

Kwon Sun-woo, who came to Korea after finishing the Adelaide International and Australian Open last month, went to the Davis Cup qualifiers wearing the Taegeuk mark.

On the first day of the tournament, Korea lost both singles matches to Belgium and was driven to the brink, but following the doubles victory on the second day, Korea won both singles matches and achieved a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

At that time, Soon-Woo Kwon won a 2-1 (3-6 6-1 6-3) come-from-behind victory over Belgian ace David Gopin (40th), contributing to a miracle in advancing to the finals.

Kwon Soon-woo will complete his personal tour schedule before participating in the Davis Cup Finals in September.

Kwon Soon-woo, who is leaving Korea on the 9th, will participate in the ABN Amro Open, a men’s professional tennis (ATP) 500 tournament held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from the 13th to the 19th. Since then, he has a busy schedule, participating in tours held in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “When I was on tour, I played with the mindset of learning. However, after winning the Adelaide tournament this time, my thoughts on the tour changed. I am aiming to win any tournament, and I have the confidence that I can win no matter who I play with.” He vowed to continue the uptrend.

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