Kwon Soon-woo, the signboard of Korean tennis, advanced to the finals at the ATP Tour.

With the opening of the Australian Open coming up next week, expectations have been raised even more.

Soon-Woo Kwon had a fierce battle with Draper, a 21-year-old rookie from England, ranked 40th in the world.

The first set tie-break was the winner. 메이저놀이터

Draper caught off guard from an easy opportunity and got the point.

He landed a powerful forehand shot against a clearly excited Draper to end the set.

[Wow! That’s a great forehand shot! It might be the best forehand shot of the tournament!]

Soonwoo Kwon gave up the 2nd set, but after showing a physical advantage in the 3rd set, he won a set score 2-1.

After reaching the top of the Astana Open two years ago, he reached the final of an ATP tour event for the second time in his life, raising expectations for the Australian Open.

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