The Korea Ice Skating Leaders Federation issued a statement urging the appointment of coaches that match the public eye level with concerns about inappropriate coaches Victor Ahn (Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo) and Kim Seon-tae, who applied for the open recruitment of short track coaches for the Seongnam City Workplace Sports Department.

In a statement released on the 13th, the Korea Skating Leaders Federation said, “The reason why Korean ice skating has lost trust from the public is not only because of grades, but because it has covered up crimes rooted in the ice world, such as sexual violence and assault, under the name of grades.” Seon-tae Kim, a coach with a history of sexual violence, and Viktor Ahn, a short-track coach in Seongnam, who abandoned their Korean citizenship and became naturalized as Russian citizens, sparked controversy.

In the case of coach Kim Seon-tae, assault and sexual assault by Shim Seok-hee was revealed immediately after the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and he received a severe punishment of suspension of his leadership qualifications, making it difficult for him to work as a leader in Korea. Despite the suspicion that China won the medal by biased judgment, he claimed that it left a stain on the spirit of the Olympics, saying, “Judgment is made by the referee.”

The following is the full text of the statement issued by the Korea Skating Instructors Federation.

“The reason why Korean ice skating has lost trust from the public is not just because of grades. It is because they have covered up crimes rooted in the ice world, such as sexual violence and assault, with all sorts of lies in the name of grades. Korean ice skating is trusted and loved by the people again. The most important thing for this is the leader’s honest work ethic and healthy mindset.However

, looking at the open recruitment process for short track coaches for the workplace sports department in Seongnam City, there are not only a few things to be concerned about.

According to recent media reports, Russian coach Viktor Ahn and coach Kim Seon-tae applied. At the time of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, when former President Moon Jae-in visited the training ground to encourage him, it was national team coach Kim Seon-tae who covered up the fact that Shim Suk-hee, who had been absent due to assault, had been unable to come out due to a cold, and made a false report. Kim Seon-tae was severely punished by the Skating Federation by suspending his qualifications as a leader after Shim Suk-hee’s assault and sexual violence were revealed right after the Olympics. 카지노사이트

Another applicant also appears to be unsuitable for a Korean skating coach. Russian Viktor Ahn gave up his Korean nationality and naturalized as a Russian citizen, and when the controversy arose about betraying his country, he explained, “I knew dual citizenship would be possible.” However, it was later revealed that he received an Olympic gold medal pension in a lump sum just before naturalization. He knew in advance that dual citizenship was not allowed, and after taking his money as a lump sum, he pretended not to know.

These two chose to take charge of the Chinese national team during the Beijing Winter Olympics instead of self-restraint when domestic leadership activities became difficult due to discipline and controversy. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, when suspicions arose that China had won a medal due to biased judgment, Kim Seon-tae even spat out the words, “Judgments are made by referees,” leaving a stain on the spirit of the Olympics. Freedom of job choice must be guaranteed, but freedom of job choice cannot exceed fairness, which is the most important value of sports.

Seongnam City is the mecca of ice skating in Korea. By appointing coaches that meet the public’s expectations, Korean ice skating rinks must become a stepping stone to regain public trust and move forward. When a controversy arises, it is not a proper leader to escape the moment with lies and take advantage of fairness instead. Scores are important, but what the Korean ice rink needs now is to restore public trust.

I urge the city of Seongnam to appoint a manager that meets the people’s expectations.”

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