Ko Jin-young (28) was forced to pay a fine for not participating in the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions (TOC), the opening day of the LPGA tour season, for four consecutive years.

On the 17th, USA Today, an American daily newspaper, said, “Jin-Young Ko and Min-Ji Lee (Australia) paid 25,000 dollars (approximately 31 million won) for failing to comply with the rule that the top 80 players in CME points must participate in each competition held in the US mainland at least once every 4 years. ) I was fined.” The provision of ‘Compulsory participation once every four years’ is a regulation to protect the sponsors of the competition. The LPGA said the two players could appeal and the final decision would be made through the committee.

Ko Jin-young and Min-ji Lee have not participated in the Hilton Grand Vacations TOC for the fourth year this year. Ko Jin-young applied for the event, but withdrew because she needed more time to heal her wrist injury. Jinyoung Ko, who had not competed in the event for the past three years due to overlapping with her winter training schedule, said she considered her participation this year, but it was judged comprehensively that her wrist injury was not yet complete enough for her to compete. was unable to attend

Ko Jin-young was conscious of her fine regulation and actively explained her own situation. An official from Sema Sports Marketing, an agent company, said, “We submitted two or more doctors’ opinions, and the player called the LPGA Secretariat directly to inform them of the injury.” 온라인카지노

This opener stands apart from other events on this year’s LPGA schedule. After the opening match, the Asian Swing will begin in late February, leading to Thailand, Singapore and China, followed by the season in earnest in the US mainland. If you are not a player residing in the United States, it is too much of a burden to participate in this event held in Orlando, Florida, for training. The total prize money of the tournament is only 1.5 million dollars, so the title of ‘contest of champions’ is colorless.

Ko Jin-young is doing winter training in Thailand this year, which he used to do in the United States. Rather than participating in the tournament in a cautious physical condition, he plans to start from the second tournament of the season to be held in Thailand.

Immigration is the same. It is time for him to take a break after returning to Australia after finishing the LPGA season and competing in his country in December. There is no big difference in the cost or fines of flying from Perth, Australia, to Florida, USA, to play a tournament, and back.

The LPGA Tour made a rule of ‘obligatory participation once every four years’ 20 years ago to prevent top players from participating only in tournaments that suit their taste. Overseas competitions, which lack childcare systems and training grounds prepared for competitions in the US mainland, are an exception.

Six of the top 10 players in the world won’t play in this opening game. World No. 1 Lydia Ko (New Zealand), who is on her honeymoon, as well as Jeon In-ji, Kim Hyo-joo, and Ataya Titikul (Thailand), were largely absent.

All Korean players will be absent, including defending champion Daniel Kang, world No. 2 Nellie Korda (USA), and No. 7 Brooke Henderson (Canada).

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