Napoli is doing its best to protect Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in Italian circumstances, reported on the 18th that “Napoli offered Kim Min-jae a new long-term contract that exceeds the buyout amount.”메이저놀이터

Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount is known to be 50 million euros (approximately 72.1 billion won). The buyout clause is in effect from July 1st to 15th. Several clubs, including Manchester United, are showing their will to catch Kim Min-jae even if he offers more than the buyout amount.

Liverpool are also interested in Kim Min-jae. In addition, French media predicted that even PSG, a prestigious French Ligue 1 team, would participate in the war to recruit Kim Min-jae. The heat of the Kim Min-jae scramble is getting hotter and hotter.

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