There is no such thing as a lightning bolt. His injuries are so severe that he still has to walk on crutches.

Among the players who led the Philadelphia Phillies to runner-up in the World Series last year, the name of first baseman Reese Hoskins (30) cannot be left out.

Hoskins played in 156 games last season, 먹튀검증hitting .246 with 30 homers and 79 RBIs. Most of all, he led the team’s advancement to the World Series by hitting 4 homers in the National League Championship Series against the San Diego Padres. At that time, San Diego collapsed in front of Philadelphia’s firepower even after producing a surprise defeat of the league’s strongest LA Dodgers in the Division Series. That’s how Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong’s first World Series advance in his life was also canceled.

Hoskins, who accumulated 148 homers in his career at the age of 20, prepared for the 2023 season with more expectations than ever before. Obtaining FA status after the end of this season must have been a great motivation for him. However, before the opening, an ‘accident’ occurred.

Hoskins suffered a serious injury in which the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee ruptured while defending in the top of the second inning in an exhibition game against the Detroit Tigers on the 24th of last month (hereinafter Korean time).

He is still on crutches. Hoskins appeared at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia’s home stadium, on the 10th, when the league championship series championship ring ceremony was held, and received applause from the fans, but he struggled to enter the ground with crutches.

Even now, he is likely to have a season out, but he has not let go of hope yet. Hoskins said in an interview with Major League Baseball’s official website ( on the 12th, “In my mind, I have decided to return in October.” I will continue to do that,” he said, burning his will to return within this season.

Hoskins is keeping the embers of hope alive by talking to colleagues who have had similar injuries, such as Kyle Schwaber. Crutches will be used for the next 6 weeks. Afterwards he takes time to build up his leg strength. After July, jogging is expected to be possible.

He faced the ordeal of an injury while walking on a solid road, but he is preparing for a quick comeback with a positive mindset. Will Hoskins be able to realize a miracle?

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