Now I can imagine a full-time closer.바카라사이트

KIA right-hander Jung Hae-young (21) joined the first team on the 1st. On the 2nd, he made his comeback game against Jamsil LG Electronics. However, it was not a save situation. Manager Kim Jong-kook has no immediate plans to use Jung as a closer again. He will consider both Jung’s physical condition and the situation in the KIA bullpen.

The closest thing to an actual closer on the KIA mound right now is Choi Ji-min (20). She has already served as a temporary closer in a double-stopper format with Lim Ki-young since Jung’s first-team expulsion in late May. There is no one better suited for the job than Choi Ji-min in terms of delivery, velocity, quality of change-up, courage and mentality.

Kim Jong-kook never told Choi Ji-min to be the closer, even when Jung Hae-young was not in the first team. It’s not that he doubts Choi’s qualities and potential. On the contrary, he was wary of the psychological burden of being publicly named as a finisher. In the long run, the closing position needs to be handled carefully by Kim Jong-kook. Jung has a wealth of experience and deserves a long run as a good finisher. However, based on this season alone, Choi Ji-min has been strong. Kim won’t make any major changes to the bullpen right away because he has a lot of faith in Choi and Lim Ki-young.

There is one thing that has been remarkable about Choi’s recent performance. From 20 April against Lotte to 27 May against LG Electronics, he went 17 consecutive games without allowing an earned run or walk. His ERA in May was zero. However, he gave up a run on 3 June against Lotte, and then gave up runs in four of the first seven games of June, including that one.

In fact, the average ERA for the seven games from 3 June against Lotte to 18 June against NC was 5.40. However, from the 20th of June against Hanwha to the 1st of June against LG Electronics, the team went five games in a row without allowing an earned run. During this time, he recorded three multi-inning outings that exceeded one inning. Six innings, one hit, six walks, five strikeouts, no runs.Actually, the start of the no-hitter, on 20 June, was not good. He gave up just three hits and was fortunate not to give up a run as his successor walked the bases loaded. However, if you look at his last four games, he’s back to his May form. His ERA, which would eventually climb into the double digits, has dropped to 1.66. Choi Ji-min has had a sub-1 ERA since 2 May against Lotte.

On the day he earned the save, Jamsil LG Electronics recorded four outs in the top of the eighth inning. He got left-hander Oh Ji-hwan to ground out to the shortstop with a slider that ran outside. In the ninth, he struck out Park Dong-won and Moon Bo-kyung with a change-up and slider, respectively. He walked Park Hae-min, but the pitch was clocked at 147-149. Eventually, he got power-hitting pinch-hitter Lee Jae-won in a power-to-pitch battle. He induced a 146km fastball into left field for the save.

Choi Ji-min naturally took closing lessons in Jung Hae-young’s absence. Kia fans can’t help but imagine her as a full-time closer. The way she bounces back from bad spots is inspiring to watch. She is the best discovery in the bullpen this year.

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