Tottenham Hotspur Harry Kane seems to have decided to transfer.

The British press ‘Express’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that ‘Kane has decided to leave Tottenham’.

Express quoted Spain’s leading media ‘AS’ and said, ‘Kane has already made up his mind to leave Tottenham. Tottenham will not be able to compete in European competitions in any form next season. As the uncertainty surrounding the next manager continued, the justification for catching Kane was also lost.”

The fantastic combination with Son Heung-min is also said to be the last season.

The Express said: ‘Tottenham ended the season disappointingly in 8th place. Rumors about Kane are growing. Rumors circulate that he is trying out a new challenge. Kane may have already played his last game at Tottenham.안전놀이터

Kane can go to Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

It can be largely divided into two types: moving within the Premier League or transferring abroad.

Reuters Yonhap News
Kane has scored 213 goals in the Premier League. He is the 2nd all time player and 1st on active duty. His record for most goals in the Premier League is Alan Shearer’s 260 goals. Kane can surpass Shearer in at least 2 seasons and at most 3 seasons. It is unknown whether he will move to Spain or Germany for the title of top scorer in Premier League history.

But from the perspective of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, overseas is better. Sending England’s best striker to a rival club in the same league is a huge loss. It’s because the sword is pointed at himself. Therefore, Levy is known to much prefer his overseas move.

Express said, ‘Levi has doubts about domestic transfers. Manchester United may not have an income. Real and Munich will automatically take advantage. Like Manchester United, Real Madrid are in a hurry to strike. Real said Karim Benzema will turn 36 soon.

Kane’s ransom is expected to be at least £100m. However, Kane will be released as a free agent at the end of the 2023-2024 season. This is also a variable because he can move teams without a penny of transfer fee.

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