Kim Ha-yoon, the representative of the Korean national judo team’s women’s heavyweight division, has won gold medals for two weeks in a row at international competitions.

Kim Ha-yoon won the gold medal by fouling Maya Akiba (Japan) at the International Judo Federation (IJF) Paris Grand Slam women’s over-78kg final held at the Accor Arena in Paris, France on the 5th (local time).

Kim Ha-yoon was put in a crisis when she tried to catch her at the beginning of the game and received one (foul) from her guidance. However, Ha-yoon Kim tried to attack aggressively, and she succeeded in turning the match to square one. The match between the two players was decided at the end of the match. With both players recording two maps each, Kim Ha-yoon tried to throw her up, but she received the third map as Akiba made a passive play of pulling her body out.

Ha-yoon Kim won the match with the rule that a foul loss is recorded if she receives 3 of her guidance. The moment her third map came out, Kim Ha-yoon was delighted as she made her heart with her hands.

Kim Ha-yoon, who passed the first round bye earlier, advanced to the semifinals by beating Anne Patu Mata Embairo (France) and 스포츠토토Marit Kamps (Netherlands) in a bout. In the semifinals, she won by foul against Kaira Sait (Turkiye).

Ha-yoon Kim, who had won her Portuguese Grand Prix event a week earlier, took it for the second week in a row. Ha-Yoon Kim won the gold medal in her previous event by beating Nunis Rossel (Portugal) by a round.

Korea won 1 gold medal and 4 bronze medals at the event, ranking 5th overall. For the Korean team, Lee Ha-rim (men’s 60kg), Ahn Jae-hong (men’s 66kg), Lee Jeong-yoon (women’s 78kg), and Yoon Jae-gu (men’s 100kg or more) won the bronze medal.

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