The bullpen with an earned run average of 5 points is the driving force behind the team’s run for first place?

The average earned run average of bullpen pitchers can skyrocket all at once, or it can drop after a few good pitches.

That is why it is difficult to give certain faith to bullpen pitchers who record average earned runs in the 3-point range. On the field, there is even a saying, “Even an earned run average in the 1-point range is only evidence that a bullpen pitcher can be shaken at any time.”토토사이트

It is evaluated that Sawamura is contributing to the team with a 5-point ERA. Photo = Chiba Lotte Marines website capture
However, Chiba Lotte has a pitcher who is recognized as the main pillar of the team’s bullpen while recording an average ERA of 5 points.

Sawamura (35) from the Boston Red Sox in the major leagues is the main character.

Sawamura is from the Yomiuri Giants. He was evaluated as having reached the limit in Yomiuri. However, after transferring to Chiba Lotte, he was recognized for his strong pitch and was used moderately, and based on the success of Chiba Lotte, he has a record of success in advancing to the major leagues.

Shukan Baseball, a Japanese baseball magazine, said, “Chiba Lotte’s lifeline is salvation. How to connect to the guardian deity Masuda is important. The setup man Sawamura, who is in charge of the 8th inning, can be said to be the key man who holds the team’s fortune.”

It is Chiba Lotte where manager Yoshii took office from this year. Under former manager Iguchi, in 20 and 21, he struggled for second place for two consecutive years, but fell to fifth place last season.

536 runs is the worst in the league. In the game by 1 point, the game in which the relief team collapsed with 18 wins and 30 losses stood out.

It was Sawamura who drew attention as a reinforcement to fill the team’s weak points. He has a lot of experience with 456 appearances in the U.S. and Japan until last year, so he could be calculated as the setup man responsible for the victory equation.

It was expected that the attitude towards baseball and the height of professional consciousness obsessed with victory would be a good example for young people.

Shukan Baseball said, “This season, in 19 appearances, 3 wins, 2 losses, 2 saves and 10 holds, an average ERA of 5.89. Looking at this number alone, it can be unsettling, but the number of games conceded was 4 games in which multiple runs were conceded. There are many mounds where runners are sent out but the number of runs is minimized.”

A sports reporter who responded to Shukan Baseball’s coverage said, “I’m not a pitcher who fits exactly the course I want. There are two types of pitches, the fastball and the splitter, so it takes trial and error when the fastball doesn’t play. But still, the bad things are suppressed. Sawamura Join Plus Alpha cannot be expressed with individual grades alone. Fans’ attention is high, and the atmosphere in the stadium burns when they take the mound. Chiba Lotte has no players of that character, so it is a reliable existence. I think he is the driving force behind the team’s leading run.”

In early April, he uploaded a picture of a dinner party with more than 10 players, including Masuda, Nakamura, and Fujiwara, on his Instagram account with a smile on his face.

Sawamura said, “Just because you are in the same place and facing the same direction doesn’t mean you see the same things. In any era, those who do, and those who don’t, don’t. It’s not natural to be able to fight wearing a uniform now, and since I’m playing baseball as a pro, let’s try it. We want to focus on the fact that our purpose is to win and fight.”

It is not possible to evaluate Sawamura only by the numbers that have been revealed. He is a player who has the power to bring something to the boil. This is why he is evaluated as contributing to the team even with an earned run average in the 5-point range.

Sawamura transfuses the man’s boiling blood into Chiba Lotte. Just having him in the bullpen gives Chiba Lotte a lot of strength.

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