Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba (29) started out for the first time after returning from a long-term injury, but collapsed again. After lying on the ground for a while and not being able to get up, he ended up in tears.

Pogba started in the 24th round home game of Italian Serie A in the 2022-2023 season against Cremonese held at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy on the 15th (Korean time). It was his first start since returning to Juventus last year.

However,토스카지노 in the 22nd minute of kick-off, Pogba sat down on his own and collapsed. He was immediately dispatched by medical staff to examine the injured area, but he was eventually replaced as he could no longer run. As he exited the field, he covered his face with his uniform and burst into tears. It is the common opinion of local experts that a quadriceps muscle injury is suspected.

Previously, Pogba returned to Juventus after six years after completing his accompaniment when his contract with Manchester United (England) expired in July of last year. However, at the same time as his return, he was on the operating table due to an injury to the right side meniscus during the preseason, and he was removed from the front line for a while.

He gave up his dream of participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and devoted himself to rehabilitation, treatment and recovery, and eventually returned from injury at the end of January as his efforts paid off. It was a return earlier than expected.

Pogba has since improved his fitness and made his comeback at the end of February. However, he played only two games, and this time he had a problem with the abductor of the hip joint and left again due to injury, but returned last month and played in eight official matches only as a substitute.

And finally, on this day, Pogba appeared as his first starter after wearing the Juventus uniform again. However, he went down after just 21 minutes, forcing him to be placed on the injured list yet again. The situation is not good enough to show tears, and long-term injuries are suspected as there were many injuries this season.

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