Is the pitch clock, which limits pitching time, running faster at certain stadiums? If true, this could be a big problem.

On Tuesday, 안전놀이터The Athletic raised the possibility that something is amiss with the pitch clock at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The outlet cited multiple Phillies players and coaches as saying that the pitch clock at the stadium is moving faster than other stadiums.

Detroit batter Andy Ibanez reacts to a pitch clock violation during a game against Philadelphia. Photo via
Philadelphia right-hander Aaron Nola said, “I think the pitch clock was a little fast. Especially when I’m coming home, it feels faster,” said Nola, adding that there are “conspiracy theories” circulating around the clubhouse.

Teammate utility player Josh Harrison echoed his sentiments, saying, “Our clock is the fastest.” Pitching coach Caleb Codham echoed the players’ claims, saying, “I think we have the fastest clocks here.”

It’s not just the home team that feels this way. Phillies catcher Garrett Stubbs said he’s heard the same thing from opposing players all season.

While it’s nearly impossible to compare the speed of pitch clocks between stadiums, we can use other metrics.

The Athletic, citing data from STATS, explained that the number of pitch clock violations at Citizens Bank Park is unusually high compared to other stadiums.

The club recognizes the players’ concerns. According to The Athletic, the Phillies communicated their concerns to the commissioner’s office a month ago.

The organization responded by saying that they had investigated and found irregularities in the operation of the timers and had corrected them, but the players still haven’t noticed any improvement, according to the outlet.

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