Major League interest in Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) is real. Interest in Lee Jung-hoo can be confirmed in the special articles that poured out immediately after the announcement of the final roster for the WBC (World Baseball Classic). Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Jung-hoo… If this is the case, it is ‘post-mortem sickness’.

On the 10th (Korean time), released the final list of 20 countries that will participate in the WBC. In addition to the announcement of the roster, the fact that it has become a prestigious tournament was emphasized with several special articles. However, each of these articles has a name that appears in common. It is Lee Jung-hoo스포츠토토. After this season, the news of advancing to the major leagues through postings spread, so it seems to be treated as a ‘semi-major leaguer’.

First of all, in the article titled ‘World’s Stars Gathered in One Place with the Announcement of the WBC List’, an explanation appears that Lee Jung-hoo was last year’s KBO League MVP.

“Baseball has become a more international sport than ever before, and that’s evident even in the final roster. There are 67 MLB All-Stars, 186 active 40-man rosters, 322 players from major league clubs, and 8 major league MVPs. Korean MVP Lee Jung-hoo and Japanese MVP Murakami Munetaka also joined.”

Following this, Lee Jung-hoo appears in a notable pitching matchup in this WBC.

“The world’s best players go head-to-head in the tournament that will kick off on March 8. Trout vs. Ohtani (Angels), Betts vs. Urias (Dodgers), Bogatz vs. Darvish (San Diego),is already making fans go crazy.”

In the introduction to Korea, Lee Jung-hoo, who won the 2022 KBO MVP award, is focusing attention ahead of his post-season posting,” highlighting Lee’s presence

. The article titled ‘Three Reasons’ introduces Korea as ‘a country that seized the opportunity to bounce back’, and Lee Jung-hoo is not left

out. Lee Jung-hoo, the son of Lee Jong-beom, the

‘ icon of Korean baseball’ , can leave a deep impression on the major league club ahead of his posting.” “It’s an honor to be able to go out,” he said. “My goal is to do my best in a given situation in each game. I will work really hard and come back,” he said, determined for the WBC.

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