“We threw the players under the bus.”

온라인카지노That’s how Australian sports media outlet Optus Sports described Colin Bell’s comments at the official press conference following the 0-2 loss to Colombia in the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup Group H opener on Friday (AEDT). ‘Threw the players under the bus’ Korean coach criticised players in post-match interview’, the article referenced comments made by former Australian women’s national football team pundit Heather Garyuk.

The former Sydney FC midfielder is a 130-cap legend for the Australian national team. She was the head coach of the Australian national team and now works as a football commentator.

‘Coach Bell also trains hard’ Kim Ji-hwa (c) Yonhap News Agency, All rights reserved>
Bell did not hide his disappointment after the 0-2 loss to Colombia in the must-win first leg on the 25th. “I was very disappointed. Our thinking, our decision-making, everything was slow. The quality of our players is much better than what we showed today,” he said. “Speed of thought and aggression are important, but decision-making in pressure situations is something we need to improve as a national team,” he added, “and everyone involved in Korean women’s football needs to step up.”

Coach Bell dictating the game plan .

Bell gives instructions to Chu Hyo-joo.
“We had some good chances in the first half and it was unfortunate that we conceded the penalty,” he said. “The penalty was a bit harsh. I was wondering why the VAR wasn’t on, because I’ve watched the whole tournament and they have five-minute VARs for things like that. Nobody knows what’s going to happen,” he said, expressing his frustration with the lack of a VAR in a crucial game-winning situation. “We created two or three chances in the first half, but we didn’t get the decisive goal. “We created two or three chances in the first half, but we didn’t get the decisive goal, so I don’t think we played very well,” he said, admitting that Colombia were much better in attack, ball possession, etc. “It was not good, especially when we conceded the penalty and then the second goal. There’s always a crisis after a mistake, and we shouldn’t have conceded so easily,” he said. “This is the World Cup. This is the level of international women’s football. This is the reality. We don’t live in a dreamland. This is the world of football. We have to think about how we can improve, how we can go further, how we can put today’s game behind us and prepare for the next one. We have to keep fighting and keep winning,” he said encouragingly.

Garibaldi questioned Bell’s strong and sobering interview immediately after the defeat. “His post-match interview was not very good. Especially if you’re a Korean player and you listened to him,” he said. “He threw the players under the bus, he didn’t take any responsibility,” he criticised. “The first goal may not have been a penalty, but it was a penalty. The second goal was a goalkeeping error, but if you heard the manager say that, you would be angry,” he said. “He had a chance to change things, and the game is 90 minutes. It was negative in every way, and I was embarrassed by the coach’s interview.” When asked about South Korea’s lacklustre performance, Garry Locke said: “It’s the coach’s tactics. It’s about his coaching, it’s about how he executed the game plan for the Korean players, nothing else,” he said.

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