The atmosphere of the Chelsea team is not good. Players are unable to unite as one.

Chelsea, 메이저사이트which started under the managerial system of Thomas Tuchel, are managed by Graham Porter and then Frank Lampard as interim manager. The atmosphere is not improving. With 10 wins, 9 draws and 13 losses (39 points), they are in 11th place in the English Premier League.

Todd Borley, the new owner, invested heavily in reinforcing the team, but it did not work. Rather, it is not easy to maintain a continuity of the squad by indiscriminate recruitment of players. The dissatisfaction of the players is growing little by little.

British media ‘The Athletic’ explained the atmosphere of the Chelsea team on the 29th (Korean time). Several players have mentioned that they have regrets about signing long-term contracts with Chelsea.

The media reported, “Some players want to leave the team. Some players have signed long-term contracts of more than five years. Some players are already regretting long-term contracts.”

“During the negotiations, you must have had the impression that you would be a key member of the Chelsea project. That expectation may become a reality, but there is still little evidence of that. Many of them have not yet become full-time members of the first team,” Lampard said. emphasized that players are selected according to the training method, but there are more and more cases where they appear as substitutes or are unable to appear at all.”

“Most of the players who have agreed to new contracts with the new owners have agreed to a clause in which their wages will be reduced by at least 30% if Chelsea do not qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season. This is becoming a reality.” said.

There are also players who are not affected by the cuts. The main characters are the players who signed contracts under the previous owner system. The media said, “This situation is not conducive to harmony within the team. Some players pay a financial price for their performance this season, and some do not.”

After all, it is important to start fresh with a new coach next season. ‘The Athletic’ predicted, “Some believe that the only way to rectify the situation is to play well and start over after the summer break.”

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