Lim Chan-gyu (LG Twins), who has been active as a starting pitcher for the past few seasons, will change his position to reliever this season.

Lim Chan-gyu played an active part in안전놀이터 the 2019 season, going back and forth between the selection and the bullpen. He came out as a starter at the start of the season, but started playing as a bullpen pitcher in June. Beginning in August, he returned to the mound as a starter. Since then, except for one game in the 2020 season, he has consistently stepped on the mound as a starting pitcher. However, he will start the season again in the bullpen this season.

Head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop met with reporters ahead of the Suwon KT Wiz match on the 23rd and opened up about Lim Chan-gyu’s position. Lim Chan-gyu was a candidate for the 5th selection along with Kang Hyo-jong, Kim Yu-yeong, and Park Myung-geun, but Kang Hyo-jong took over the position and plays an active role as an alternative starter or long relief.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “If there is a void in the starting pitching staff, Chan-gyu will fill it. At the start of the season, he will take on the role of long relief.” “When a native starting pitcher comes out, Chan-gyu and (Park) Myeong-geun will stand by and play the role of long relief. Camp “I’ve been preparing for this since the beginning of the camp. I said from the camp that I should play the role of long relief and start at the same time.”

Lim Chan-kyu, who is preparing anew this season, upgraded his changeup. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop also expressed satisfaction. Director Yeom said, “Chan-gyu’s changeup is improving tremendously. The curveball was the ball he originally had. In the demonstration game, he throws the changeup a lot toward himself.” . The pitch value is enormous,” he said.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “The angle at which the ball falls is not good, but tunneling is good. That’s why more than 90% of the batter’s swing comes out. “I’m seeing the effect because of the swing of the arm. Because the swing of the arm is good, the straight ball and the trajectory go similarly. That’s why the batter swings,” he said.

Last season, Lim Chan-gyu was sluggish with an average ERA of 5.04, 6 wins, 11 losses, 103⅔ innings, and 60 runs (58 ERA) in 23 games. He qualified as a free agent (FA) but did not apply. It is noteworthy whether he will be able to shake off the sluggishness of last season and stand tall as a key bullpen as he will take on the role of long relief this season.

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