Barcelona returned to the throne.

Barcelona won 4-2 in메이저사이트 an away match in the 34th round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-2023 season against Espanyol held at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 15th (Korean time). Barcelona, ​​who reported 27 wins (4 draws and 3 losses) with the victory on this day, stepped on the 85 victory points. The gap with second place Real Madrid (71 points) widened to 14 points. Regardless of the remaining 4 games, the championship was confirmed. It is his 27th La Liga title in his career.

Barcelona’s championship is the first in four years since the 2018-2019 season. Barcelona, ​​struggling with financial difficulties, even had to send Lionel Messi, the team’s icon. However, even after sending Messi, he succeeded in standing alone and opened a new era. The main role is also the head coach Xabi Hernandez. Coach Xavi was born in Barcelona youth and was an icon of Barcelona. With an accurate pass, Andres Iniesta-Sergio Busquets opened a new football called ‘Tiki-taka’. In 2015, he left Barcelona, ​​where he had worked for 24 years, and moved to Qatar Al Sadd and played for four years. Director Xavi, who was recognized for his ability at Al Sadd, took the baton of Barcelona in November 2021, when the team was in trouble. Coach Xavi, who showed his potential, deepened his color this season and even won the championship. Coach Xavi, who won eight championships as a player, also won the championship as a manager, showing off the face of Mr. Barcelona.

Barcelona, ​​which suffered from financial difficulties, struggled with star players this season. Including Roberto Lewandowski, they recruited Jules Kunde, Rafinha and Andreras Christensen. Coach Xavi created synergy with top players. In particular, he conceded just 13 goals, making them the team with the fewest goals in the league. Coach Xabi succeeded in winning two gold medals by winning the league following the Supercopa held in Saudi Arabia in January.

Photo capture = Barcelona SNS

Photo capture = Barcelona SNS
Coach Chavi said after winning the championship, “We deserve to win. The scenario was like a movie script.” He continued, “With this victory, I have faith in our project. I remember the people who protected me. We plan to celebrate properly as we deserve this victory. The players are taking a break today.”

Busquets, who is leaving Barcelona at the end of this season, decorated the end with a win. Busquets’ contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the season. “I really wanted to win the title,” Busquets said. “I had a great time in Barcelona. I can leave happily.”

Barcelona put up a 4-3-3 card that day. Centered on Lewandowski, Pablo Garvey and Rafinha formed a three-top team. Frankie the Yong, Busquets and Pedri were in the midfield. The back four was made by Alejandro Valde-Christensen and Ronald Arauho-Kunde. In goal was Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

Barcelona opened the door early. He took the lead with consecutive goals. In the 11th minute of the first half, Baldet’s cross was connected in front of the goal. Lewandowski, who was rushing in, pushed in. In the 20th minute, Pedri’s cross was raised. Baldega, who was behind, held out until the end in a contention fight. He fired a volley with his left foot and shook the Espanyol net. In the 40th minute, Rafinha dug in and raised a cross for Barcelona. Lewandowski scored another goal with his left foot.

Barcelona, ​​who scored three goals in the first half, widened the gap even more with the start of the second half. Yong sent a long pass in the 8th minute of the second half. Kunde, who penetrated in an instant, succeeded in scoring with a header.

Even with the score 4-0, Barcelona’s offensive continued. Espanyol scored a comeback goal at the end of the second half. In the 28th minute, Fernando Calero sent in a kill pass. Harvey Puado penetrated and finished. In the second half of extra time, Oscar Hill’s heel pass was scored by Joseru. The match ended in a 4-2 victory for Barcelona.

When the Barcelona players celebrated their victory, a dizzying scene was created when the derby rival Espanyol supporters stormed in. The Barcelona players quickly entered the tunnel. There were no further clashes, but Espanyol fans were outraged on the pitch.

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