More than a week has passed since the announcement of the hardening until now, but pus is still flowing from the opened wound.

On the 11th, Heungkuk Life Insurance will play a 4th round match against its rival, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon, its home stadium. With Hyundai E&C’s Yasmin absent due to injury, it is a golden opportunity for Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has been aiming for the lead.

However, Heungkuk Life Insurance was surrounded by all kinds of noise outside the game. The vacant director’s seat no longer holds any expectations.   토토사이트

An official from Heungkuk Life Insurance said in a phone call with this magazine on the 10th, “I know that the current manager Kim Ki-joong, the owner, and the general manager met and talked (about the appointment of the manager).” If the coach is unable to step forward, Dae-kyung Kim, coach of Hyundai E&C, will be acting as the manager.” 

Insiders are also expressing their frustration because they cannot grasp the situation between the new manager and the actual team’s ‘upper line’.

Previously, on the 2nd, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced the joint resignation of former manager Kwon Soon-chan and former general manager Kim Yeo-il. At the time, through a press release, Hyeong-jun Lim, owner of Heungkuk Life Insurance, said, “I decided to break up with director Kwon Soon-chan because the direction I want to go with the club is different.”

However, former coach Kwon, who resigned, caused a great controversy by revealing that the general manager, who was instructed by the owner, intervened in the selection of the squad. Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran, the team’s top team members, also testified strongly about the club’s involvement, saying, “It’s true, it’s embarrassing that this happens.” 

Former head coach Lee Young-soo took over as acting manager in the vacant head coach position. However, after the game against GS Caltex on the 5th, he resigned following former coach Kwon. 

Accordingly, Heungkuk Life Insurance appointed director Kim Ki-joong, who had served as the director of Sunseon Girls’ High School, as the new manager. Coach Kim is known to have already observed the game on the 5th.

The official announcement of the appointment of the director was made on the 6th. However, even in the situation where the manager was decided, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team had to go to the next game while looking at the empty seats.

On the morning of the 8th, when there was a match against IBK Industrial Bank, the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) said, “Coach Dae-gyeong Kim will act as acting manager because Heungkuk Life Insurance is finishing the appointment of a manager.” Players who had to play another tough game in the system of ‘acting for acting’ were hurt again. 

Accordingly, even in the Hyundai E&C match to be played at the home stadium on the 11th, more attention is drawn to the vacancy of the command tower than to the players’ performance. This alone is already causing great disrespect to the squad, opponents, and even the league as a whole. 

Enraged fans of the club protested, saying, “Hungkuk Life Insurance should quickly rectify the situation and let the players focus only on the game,” and sent protest trucks to the headquarters of Heungkuk Life’s parent group Taekwang Group and KOVO headquarters. 

However, the club is unable to find any sharp alternative to rectify this situation. 

If it is just a ‘procedural delay issue’, it is not even known why director Kim does not officially reveal his position. Outside, the confusion surrounding him is amplifying, but he is in the dark itself. 

The situation became even more confusing as reports went out that the club and the manager could not be contacted. As a result, some suspicions arose that even director Kim was stepping down before he even made his debut.

The league has already passed half and entered the 4th round. Time is running out. However, the club is repeating the word “please wait”. In fact, if you are scheduled to play on the 11th, you should have registered as a coach by the 8th or 9th at the latest. 

Today is expected to be a watershed in the Heungkuk Life Insurance incident. In order for new coach Kim Ki-joong to officially participate in the game on the 11th, he must register by 6:00 pm on the 10th.

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