Sad news has been delivered. Enoch Mwepu, who retired from active duty at the young age of 24, was taken to the hospital.

In October last year, English Premier League side Brighton & Hove Albion announced the retirement of Zambian midfielder Mwepu. The reason was that he had a hereditary heart disease.

Brighton said on its official website, “Mwue Fu has decided to retire due to hereditary heart disease. If Mwe Fu continues to play football, he could develop a fatal disease.”

Brighton’s players, staff, and fans all expressed great regret. At the time, Brighton chairman Tony Bloom promised: “It breaks my heart to see such a promising career cut short at such a young age. We at the club level will give him the best support possible.”

A sad thing recently happened to Mwepu, who returned to his hometown of Zambia. According to the local Zambian media, “While Mwepu was driving, he had symptoms of a heart attack and collapsed after parking. He was then taken to a hospital in Zambia.”스포츠토토

Brighton took the news cautiously. The club said on its official website, “Mwepu is currently in poor health and is being examined at a local hospital. Our club’s medical team is in touch with the local hospital to provide assistance if necessary.”

“Brighton will not comment further on Mwefu at this stage,” he added.

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