The Oakland Athletics are seeking to relocate from Oakland, California, USA to Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to a report by the US sports media ‘ESPN’ on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time), the Nevada State Senate passed a bill to support $380 million for the construction of a new stadium in Las Vegas by the Athletics club.메이저사이트

If the bill passed the Senate and passed by a majority in the Nevada House of Representatives and signed by Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo, Major League Baseball owners plan to authorize the A’s relocation.

Bryce Harper, the best baseball player born in Las Vegas, did not welcome the Athletics’ move to relocate.

On the 16th, the US sports media ‘Yardbarker’ said, “While the relocation of the Oakland Athletics is being pursued, Harper from Las Vegas may be considered happy to have a major league club in his hometown team, but Harper said, ‘(Relocation) is not right. The Athletics club has a long history in Oakland. “I’m sorry to the Auckland fans,” he said.

The Athletics, which has been based in Oakland since 1968, is pursuing a relocation by purchasing a new stadium site near the Las Vegas Strip. It is planning to build a retractable dome stadium that can accommodate 30,000 spectators, and plans to complete the relocation in 2027.

The Athletics have been unable to get out of last place in the American League West this season. Fans protested against the relocation of the home ground at the Oakland Coliseum and demanded the sale of the club.

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