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Hanwha Eagles shortstop Ha Joo-seok, 29, will begin his comeback in earnest next week. He will join the Future Team (second team) on July 30 and play away from home against the Goyang Heroes on July 4-6. He will play shortstop and start from the fifth or sixth inning to build up his stamina and gain experience.

The Hanwha Future Team does not have any official games this weekend. They have scheduled a practice game with a university team, but it will likely be canceled due to rain.

Kim Sung-gap, head coach of the Hanwha Future Team, said, “Ha Joo-seok needs to get in shape for the second team. Even if he is a shortstop, whose defense is important, his bat must follow. We will only promote him to the first team when his offense and defense are complete. First of all, he needs to improve his fielding skills.”

It’s the rainy season, and there are a lot of rainouts. The rain may delay the first team registration. The Hanwha Future Team returned to Seosan this afternoon after their away game against SSG Landers on the 29th was canceled due to rain. Ha Joo-seok did not accompany the team on the trip.

The KBO suspended Ha for 70 games for driving under the influence late last year. The suspension was lifted.

He will be eligible for first-team action on Sept. 29. Ha has been training with the Seosan Residents since February.

There are no problems with his shortstop defense. He can play right away. His defense is what Choi Won-ho called “the best in the KBO”.

Hitting is different. Due to the long absence, he has lost his sense of the game, so he needs to develop his adaptability through playing.

“Nowadays, most of the first-team pitchers throw fastballs up to 145 kilometers per hour,” says Kim Sung-gap. It takes time for the eyes to adjust to the speed. I think he should play five to 10 games.”

Ha Joo-seok recently made four to five live batting appearances for the Residents. The pitchers in the residual league have fastballs in excess of 110 kilometers per hour. Even if he returns to the first team, he still needs time to adjust to hitting normally.

“I think it will take about two weeks before the second team schedule,” said Kim Sung-gap.

In 125 games last year, Kim batted .258 with 115 hits in 445 at-bats, five home runs and 58 RBIs. Before

He was second on the team in RBIs, though down from last year. Even though the team has changed a lot, he is still a key part of the offense. He is an essential resource for the team.

Coach Kim Sung-gap said, “You will see a different side of Ha on the field. His attitude towards baseball has changed a lot.”

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