Lionel Messi had everything in his hands while taking the throne of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Since then, world football has given Messi the title of ‘GOAT (Greatest of all time)’. Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), his rival of the century, was completely overtaken, and many experts and media evaluated him as the greatest player in world football history, surpassing Pele and Diego Maradona.메이저놀이터

Winning all competitions during his time in Barcelona, ​​breaking various scoring records, numerous top scorers, and an overwhelming 7 Ballon d’Or. The only thing missing was winning the World Cup. Once this was achieved, Messi was unmatched. He is a GOAT.

Messi left Barcelona, ​​his everything in 2021, and wore a Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) uniform. And at the end of this season, I parted ways with PSG. Now it’s Messi’s turn to decide where he will go next.

Shortly after the breakup with PSG became official, reports continued that a trip to Saudi Arabia was likely. Saudi Arabia is gathering superstars as part of sportswashing. Ronaldo wore an Al Nasr shirt at the end of last year, and Real Madrid legend Karim Benzema will also go to Al Ittihad.

Al-Hilal offered Messi the highest salary in the world. A whopping 400 million euros (560 billion won). It is an amount that doubles Ronaldo’s 200 million euros (290 billion won). Many local media predicted that Messi would accept the offer.

However, the mood changed again. On the 5th, Spanish media such as ‘Sport’ reported that Barcelona approved Messi’s return plan. It was also revealed that it had passed the standards of the Spanish Primera Liga. In this situation, Messi’s agent and father, Jorge Messi, was caught entering the house of Barcelona President Juan Laporta.

The atmosphere is leaning toward a return to Barcelona. At this time, Jorge Messi struck the decisive blow. He strongly insisted that GOAT was not going to Saudi Arabia. Jorge Messi said:

“Messi wants to go back to Barcelona. I want Messi to come back to Barcelona. If you ask me if it is possible for Messi to return, I would say ‘yes’.”

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