Goals of Doctorate Nurse Practice Degree

Goals of Doctorate Nurse Practice Degree

The Doctorate Nurse Practice (DNP) degree supposes a number of essential goals to prepare advanced nurse leaders, among which one might pinpoint the focus on both clinical and systems responsibilities, leadership, and administration.

First, the DNP program prepares students for the clinical role that means that the focal attention is devoted to the practice-oriented performance. In the framework of nowadays rapidly changing world, doctorate nurses become highly demanded (Cronenwett et al. 8). The global population aging and increased cases of terminally ill patients set the paramount goal for the DNP that is expressed in the need for high-quality health care delivery. Also, research and the renovation of health care systems seem to be among the key goals of the DNP graduates (Billings and Halstead 82). In particular, they are expected to develop and implement innovative approaches to providing timely, safe, and effective health care services. Applying the evidence-based practice, DNPs’ should facilitate a complex system of health care delivery. Goals of Doctorate Nurse Practice Degree

Second, organizational leadership is one more significant issue that should undoubtedly be taken into account. The DNP degree allows nurses to contribute to education, mentorship, public health, and public policy. In this regard, the leadership goal assumes to comprehend practice management, risk management, and quality improvement strategies providing a basis for future enhancements. Effective communication skills, the ability to integrate people, and adherence to ethical issues should also be among the DNP’s set of goals. The successful leader transforms routine work into a creative process and creates a sense of unity in the team. Therefore, knowing that they are part of something essential gives new incentives to nurses. However, there is no single strategy for the leader to perform his or her work. From my point of view, the mix of different strategies that would account for the context of the situation and both employees’ and patients’ peculiarities is the best way to achieve a successful operation of the whole system. Speaking of education, it is necessary to emphasize that the DNP should develop and efficiently use his or her skills to increase the number of nursing professionals and the quality of nursing services meeting the needs of the population. Goals of Doctorate Nurse Practice Degree

Third, the administration goal supposes the utilization of modern technology and research methods in order to collect and analyze data as well the evaluation of care programs and their appropriate use (Billings and Halstead 96). In particular, statistics along with data analysis are principal tools to perform. Goals of Doctorate Nurse Practice Degree