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With Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon out of the lineup for last month’s A match, Park Ji-soo emerged as a fresh alternative in the defense.

Reporter Kim Tae-woon caught up with Park Ji-soo, who has had a tumultuous career and is feeling confident after challenging for the European stage.

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A physical defense that does not spare his body.

Daring forward dribbling…accurate long passes to the back…

Park Ji-soo has emerged as a new center back alternative, filling the void left by Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon in the two A matches last month.

[Park Ji-soo/Portimonense]
“They talk about me as a ‘lower version of Kim Min-jae’ and if you think of it that way, I think it’s perfect. I thought my chance would come and I’ve been preparing well.”

Park Ji-soo moved to Portimonense in Portugal after leaving Gimcheon earlier this year.

Kim Min-jae’s words sparked the challenge.

[Kim Min-jae/Last December]
“Honestly, I envy Japan a lot, because there are so many European players in Japan now.”

[Park Ji-soo/Portimonense]
“That’s how Kim Min-jae said it in his interview, and I thought that too, and I wanted to go (to Europe) once, because I wanted to take on the challenge…”

The price for the dream was higher than expected.

In particular, the difference in salary was unimaginable.

[Jisoo Park/Portimonense]
“I went with almost ‘one-twentieth’ of my salary. For example, if I got 200 million won, I got almost 10 million won. I had to give up everything, but I think I got a lot out of it.”

The presence of junior Kim Min-jae was also felt again.

[Park Ji-soo/Portimonense]
“I think me and Kim Ji-soo can go (to Europe) because Kim Min-jae did a good job, and I always watch his videos before the game and I watch his videos when I go into the stadium…”

Kim joined Incheon after high school and was released.

From the K3 League to the national team. It’s been a wild ride for the 29-year-old soccer player.

[Park Ji-soo/Portimonense]
“(After being released), I threw away my soccer shoes, threw away all my clothes, and I remember that I always stayed up late at the PC and always ate taiyaki when I went home in the morning, and now I’m talking to you…”

The highly anticipated World Cup in Qatar was ruined by an injury on the eve of the roster announcement…but defiance icon Park Ji-soo is undeterred.

[Park Ji-soo/Portimonense]
“Now that I’ve been thwarted at the threshold, I want to challenge myself again, and I think I need to prepare well and try again without injury for three years.”

I’m Kim Tae-woon of MBC News.

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